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Uncertainty Lingers for US Firms in China Post ‘Zero Covid’

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Beijing’s Actions Raise Concerns for Foreign Companies

Recent raids on international firms in China, coupled with increased uncertainty, have deepened concerns among foreign businesses and reinforced the risks of operating in the country, impacting foreign commerce and investment.

Challenging Business Environment amid Diplomatic Tensions

The persisting diplomatic tensions between the US and China, along with recent government actions targeting foreign companies, have created a challenging business environment, adding complexity to the economic relationship between the two largest economies.

Changing Perceptions of China as an Investment Market

US companies’ perceptions of China as a top investment market have shifted due to concerns over the deteriorating relationship and a growing negative outlook on the Chinese market, leading to a reevaluation of investment strategies.

Rattled by Raids and Heightened Scrutiny

The Chinese authorities’ raids on international firms and their increased scrutiny of consulting firms and due diligence activities have rattled foreign businesses, raising questions about regulatory transparency and hindering investor confidence.

Unclear Boundaries and Growing Restrictions

The expanding restrictions on commercial information access and the broadening scope of China’s anti-espionage law have created ambiguity and confusion for foreign companies, as they struggle to navigate the uncertain boundaries of doing business in China.

Growing National Security Concerns and Economic Tensions

The mounting national security concerns and escalating economic tensions between the US and China, including debates over bans and export controls, further contribute to the overall uncertainty and volatile business landscape for US firms operating in China.


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