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OpenVPN is a business VPN provider used for secure and private internet access. Its benefits include easy setup, robust security, flexibility, scalability, and cross-platform compatibility. 

Securing Your Online Presence

OpenVPN is an acclaimed virtual private network (VPN) provider that has earned a reputation for its robust security features, ease of use, and high scalability. It’s used by businesses and individuals alike to access the internet securely and privately.

OpenVPN’s Community Edition is a free, open-source project while businesses can also purchase more advanced products with additional features. OpenVPN Cloud is built on the same technology as the OpenVPN Community Edition, providing end-to-end encryption and other security features as well as supporting thousands of simultaneous connections.

Businesses are increasingly relying on business VPN services like OpenVPN to ensure secure remote access to their networks, so it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of using this software. Here’s a look at what makes OpenVPN such an attractive option:


  • Easy setup: Installing and configuring OpenVPN is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require technical expertise or complex setup procedures.
  • Robust security: End-to-end encryption keeps data secure as it travels between networks, making sure that confidential information remains confidential.
  • Flexible configuration: OpenVPN allows for custom configurations for different VPN use cases, including client/server networking, LAN bridging, and site-to-site communication.
  • High scalability: With support for thousands of simultaneous connections, companies can scale up quickly without having to worry about infrastructure limitations.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: OpenVPN works with all major operating systems, ensuring that organizations can accommodate multiple devices within their network securely.


  • Availability of the free version may attract malicious users: The availability of the free Community Edition may make OpenVPN a target for malicious users who may try to exploit weaknesses in the system or gain unauthorized access.
  • Advanced configuration requires technical skills: Using some of the advanced features offered by OpenVPN requires technical knowledge which not all organizations may have in-house.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if your business needs secure remote access then Open VPN could be a great solution thanks to its robust security features and easy setup process - plus you don’t have to break the bank for it either! Whether you’re looking for a business VPN service with an encrypted tunneling protocol or just need something basic like site-to-site communication - you should consider using OpenVPN as your go-to solution!

Easy setup


Robust security


Flexible configuration


High scalability


Cross-platform compatibility


Availability of the free version may attract malicious users


Advanced configuration requires technical skills


  • +Easy setup
  • +Robust security
  • +Flexible configuration
  • +High scalability
  • +Cross-platform compatibility


  • -Availability of the free version may attract malicious users
  • -Advanced configuration requires technical skills
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