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Goldman Sachs Sells Personal Financial Management Unit

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In a significant strategic move, Goldman Sachs has announced the sale of its personal financial management (PFM) unit to a formidable competitor, Creative Planning. This decision comes as part of CEO David Solomon’s ongoing efforts to refine the company’s focus and reshape its business portfolio. The transaction is anticipated to conclude in the fourth quarter of this year, bringing with it positive gains for the New York-based banking giant.

The Shifting Landscape

Goldman Sachs, a renowned player in the financial industry, has taken a bold step by parting ways with its PFM business. Under the leadership of CEO David Solomon, the company has been actively reassessing its various business units, seeking to align its offerings with evolving market trends and investor preferences.

A Strategic Move

The sale of the PFM unit marks a strategic decision aimed at optimizing Goldman’s asset and wealth management division. By divesting itself of this particular business segment, the bank aims to bolster its profit margins and streamline its focus on core operations that align with its overarching goals.

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The Acquisition and Vision

Back in May 2019, Goldman Sachs acquired a team of 220 skilled financial advisors, entrusted with managing an impressive $25 billion in assets. This acquisition was part of a broader vision championed by CEO David Solomon, who saw it as an opportunity to extend the bank’s reach beyond its traditional ultra-rich clientele. The move aimed to attract individuals with substantial wealth, albeit not in the ultra-high net worth category, who were seeking avenues to invest their considerable resources.

Change in Perspective

However, as Solomon sought to recalibrate the company’s strategic direction, certain business units were assessed for their compatibility with the new vision. Amid the restructuring efforts, the Personal Financial Management business emerged as a candidate for divestment. Although the unit held promise and showcased commendable performance, it was deemed incongruent with Goldman’s larger aspirations in wealth and asset management.

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Progress and Execution

Marc Nachmann, the global head of asset and wealth management at Goldman Sachs, shared insights into the decision. He emphasized that the sale aligns with the company’s commitment to executing the goals set forth during its investor day in February. This move underscores Goldman’s commitment to refining its business portfolio and concentrating on delivering exceptional value to its clientele.

A Path Forward

The sale of the PFM business signifies a pivotal moment in Goldman Sachs’ journey towards becoming a more streamlined and resilient entity. The decision comes on the heels of other strategic initiatives, such as the completion of the offloading of Marcus installment loans and the ongoing process of selling GreenSky. These collective efforts are steering the bank towards a more durable and profitable future, one that resonates with the vision presented to investors.

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A Transformational Partner

Creative Planning, the acquirer of Goldman’s PFM unit, is a registered investment advisor based in Kansas. Boasting over 2,100 employees and an impressive $245 billion in assets under management and advisement, Creative Planning is well-poised to take on the responsibilities associated with the acquired business. This strategic move opens up new avenues for both companies, fostering a symbiotic relationship aimed at delivering exceptional value to their respective clients.

The Way Forward

As Goldman Sachs bids adieu to its PFM unit and embarks on a new phase of its journey, investors and industry observers are keenly watching. The move serves as a testament to the bank’s commitment to adaptability and resilience in an ever-changing financial landscape. CEO David Solomon’s leadership shines through as he guides the company towards a more focused and prosperous future.

Final Thoughts

In the dynamic world of finance, strategic decisions define the trajectory of companies. Goldman Sachs’ sale of its personal financial management unit to Creative Planning stands as a milestone in the institution’s evolution. This decision, guided by CEO David Solomon’s vision, underscores the bank’s commitment to redefining its focus and delivering value that resonates with a diverse clientele.


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