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Element Materials Technology’s $8 Million Expansion in Cincinnati

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In a move that underscores its commitment to excellence and growth, Element Materials Technology (Element), a renowned global leader in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services, has made a resounding announcement. The company is embarking on an exciting $8 million expansion within the Cincinnati region, ushering in a new era of possibilities.

This development revolves around the establishment of a state-of-the-art functional support center at The Landings in Blue Ash, Ohio. Beyond the financial investment, this initiative is a testament to Element’s dedication to fostering innovation, creating job opportunities, and facilitating collaboration.

A Blueprint for Progress: The Expansion in Detail

Element Materials Technology’s visionary expansion plans center around a 21,525 square-feet functional support center situated on the fourth floor of the esteemed Landings II building in Blue Ash, Ohio. This Class A structure is poised to become a hub of activity, acting as the focal point for colleague growth and development. The expansion is not merely about bricks and mortar; it’s a holistic investment in the future of the company and the community it serves.

The investment stands to deliver far-reaching benefits. This strategic move will generate a remarkable 65 new job opportunities, a clear testament to Element’s confidence in the potential of the Cincinnati region. This infusion of talent will ripple through the local economy, creating a total payroll of $5.6 million. A decade-long lease agreement has been inked, fortified by options for extension, underlining Element’s commitment to a lasting presence and enduring partnership.

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Solidifying Roots, Fostering Growth: Element’s Pre-existing Cincinnati Presence

Element Materials Technology is not a newcomer to the Cincinnati landscape. The company already boasts a remarkable state-of-the-art material testing laboratory situated in Fairfield, Ohio. This impressive facility encompasses a vast expanse of 60,000 square feet, housing over 250 test machines. Over the course of four decades, this location has established itself as Element’s Fatigue Testing Center of Excellence, propelling innovation in testing metal and ceramic materials. The laboratory’s impact extends across diverse sectors, including aerospace, transportation, and medical devices, embodying Element’s commitment to excellence.

A Bold Vision for the Future

Rick Sluiters, EVP Americas at Element, shares the company’s perspective on this pivotal expansion: “A new central location for functional support, encompassing human resources, information technology, commercial, legal, and finance functions, will not only bolster our robust workforce but also pave the way for expanded customer operations at our existing site.”

This expansion is more than just a business move; it’s a narrative woven with rich history and strategic decision-making. Cincinnati was a natural choice for Element’s North American functional support center. The city’s deep-rooted history and the unwavering support of the State of Ohio form the bedrock of this strategic decision.

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A City’s Welcome and a Community’s Commitment

Dan Johnson, City of Blue Ash Economic Development Director, extends a warm welcome: “We are excited to welcome Element Materials Technology to Blue Ash. Our City Council, administration, and local real estate community are steadfast in creating an environment that is both inviting and supportive.”

J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio President, and CEO, adds depth to this sentiment: “Element’s new back-office operations in Blue Ash expands the footprint of a global leader in product testing, inspection, and certification here in Ohio. With two facilities in proximity to one another in the Cincinnati region, Element is growing its existing workforce by adding 65 new jobs for Ohioans who will improve the safety and quality of products vital to aerospace, healthcare, telecommunication, and more.”

A Collaborative Success Story

This expansion is a story of collaboration and mutual growth. The State of Ohio and JobsOhio have played a pivotal role by offering support through a Job Creation Tax Credit, a testament to the joint commitment towards fostering economic growth and innovation.

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Global Impact, Local Roots: Element’s Enduring Legacy

Element’s influence spans diverse industries, encompassing aerospace, biomedical, industrial manufacturing, power generation, and transportation. The Element Materials Technology Group is globally recognized as a leader in providing testing, inspection, and certification services across a spectrum of products, materials, and technologies. Its reach extends across 270+ laboratories, encompassing a global workforce of 9,000 scientists, engineers, and technologists.

In 2021, Element took a monumental step by adopting ambitious environmental commitments, aligning with science-based targets and embracing a net-zero emissions vision by 2035. This visionary approach earned Element the highest ESG ranking in the testing, inspection, and certification industry from Sustainalytics.

Unveiling a Future of Promise and Progress

Element Materials Technology’s $8 million expansion is a symphony of innovation, growth, and partnership. It’s a commitment that transcends mere numbers and charts a course towards shaping a brighter future. As Element elevates its presence in the Cincinnati region, the stage is set for groundbreaking achievements, fostering economic growth, and transforming possibilities into reality.


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