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MUAB Raises $2M Capital with FasterCapital for Innovative Income Solutions

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Introducing MUAB: Empowering Individuals and Businesses

MUAB is a dynamic startup that aims to transform the way individuals and businesses generate income by offering innovative solutions and virtual business opportunities. Their mission is to empower individuals to become business owners, simplify buying and selling processes, and reduce costs.

Flexible and Innovative Income Opportunities

MUAB is introducing new and flexible ways for individuals and employees to increase their income. Through their unique approach, they provide diverse income generation options, enabling individuals to explore various avenues for financial growth. With their innovative strategies, MUAB seeks to empower individuals to take control of their financial futures.

MUAB’s International Presence in the USA and UAE

With a strong presence in both the USA and the UAE, MUAB operates on an international scale. Their solutions and services cater to individuals and businesses worldwide, offering them the tools and resources needed to thrive in today’s competitive market. By bridging geographical boundaries, MUAB facilitates global collaboration and business expansion.

Funding and Support from Idea to Product Program

To fuel their ambitious plans, It has secured $2 million in capital through the prestigious Idea to Product program. This program is designed to support early-stage and pre-seed startups by providing funding, business expertise, and valuable mentorship. MUAB’s participation in this program signifies their potential for growth and success.

Meet the Founder and CEO, Almarwah Abobakr

At the helm of MUAB is Almarwah Abobakr, a visionary leader with a background in information systems and project management. As the founder and CEO, Almarwah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to MUAB. Her dedication to idea development since 2018 has laid the foundation for the startup’s innovative solutions and future growth.

Partnership with FasterCapital for Preseed Round

MUAB is proud to announce its strategic partnership with FasterCapital, a renowned investment company. This collaboration will provide MUAB with invaluable support and guidance during its preseed round, enabling them to navigate the funding landscape effectively.

FasterCapital’s expertise and resources will contribute to MUAB’s continued success and market expansion. Together, they aim to revolutionize income generation and virtual businesses.


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