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Twitter Users Upload Full Movies as Elon Musk Introduces Long Video Feature

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Elon Musk Enables Twitter Blue Subscribers to Upload Long Videos

Elon Musk, an owner of Twitter, has introduced a new feature allowing Twitter Blue subscribers to upload videos up to 2 hours or 8GB in size, expanding the possibilities for content sharing on the platform.

Expanding Content Options and Accessibility on Twitter

Twitter users are embracing the new long video feature, with some taking advantage of it by uploading full movies, trailers, and music videos. This move aims to make Twitter a more open and free platform, aligning with Elon Musk’s vision for the social media platform.

Copyright Concerns and Removal of Pirated Content

While the new video feature brings opportunities for content creators, it has also raised copyright concerns. Users uploading pirated content violate Twitter’s copyright policy, and the platform relies on a team of specialists to identify and remove such content. Reporting infringements can help in addressing copyright violations.

Mixed Reactions and Potential Impact on YouTube

The introduction of long videos on Twitter has sparked mixed reactions from users. Some predict that the feature could pose a challenge to YouTube, while others express excitement about the potential for a new content consumption experience, likening it to the “New Netflix.”

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Movies Uploaded on Twitter, Some Already Removed

Twitter users wasted no time uploading movies, including notable titles like Shrek and Evil Dead arises. Twitter has responded by taking measures to remove pirated content, underscoring the ongoing difficulty of managing the substantial amount of copyrighted material shared on the platform.

The Future of Video Sharing on Twitter

With the introduction of long video uploads, Twitter continues to evolve as a content-sharing platform. The feature offers new opportunities for creators and subscribers alike, while also posing challenges in terms of copyright enforcement and content moderation.


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