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Sabi, African B2B E-commerce Startup, Surpasses $300M Valuation in Funding Round

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Sabi Secures $38M in Series B Funding

Lagos-based B2B e-commerce startup Sabi has raised $38 million in funding from investors such as CommerzVentures and Norrsken22, signaling renewed investor interest in the African B2B e-commerce market.

African B2B E-commerce Sector Gains Investor Attention

Investors, including Fluent Ventures, Proof VC, CRE Venture Capital, and Janngo Capital, join the funding round of Sabi, a digital commerce infrastructure provider for Africa’s informal economy, indicating growing investor interest in the B2B e-commerce market.

Sabi’s Impressive Growth in Africa’s Informal Trade Sector

With operations in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, Sabi reports remarkable growth, increasing its merchant network to over 300,000 and achieving a $1 billion annualized GMV, setting it apart from other B2B e-commerce startups in the region.

Asset-Light Approach Sets Sabi Apart

Unlike other B2B e-commerce platforms, It employs an asset-light model, leveraging offline agents, call centers, and supplier centers to connect manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the value chain, allowing for scalability and adaptability.

Sabi’s Sustainable Growth Model

By prioritizing sound unit economics and profitability before expansion, It differentiates itself from competitors and maintains a sustainable trajectory, focusing on providing value to various stakeholders in the B2B e-commerce ecosystem.

Sabi Expands Reach and Revenue Models

With plans to enter new markets, introduce new products, and target agents and last-mile merchants, It aims to accommodate additional revenue models and enhance its presence in the B2B payments value chain, solidifying its position in the African e-commerce landscape.


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