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Tapfiliate is an affiliate tracking software that helps online businesses manage their own affiliate programs.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy

This software enables Advertisers to issue referral links and coupons, which can track referrals and conversions on their eCommerce or SaaS websites. Tapfiliate also allows merchants to track the performance of their affiliates, giving them an insight into the success of their marketing efforts.


  • Easy integration: Tapfiliate integrates with a range of platforms including Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Google Analytics, and more. This makes it possible for businesses to get up and running with affiliate tracking quickly.
  • Automated recruitment & onboarding: Tapfiliate automates recruitment by providing a customized link to be shared in emails, ads, or other forms of outreach. Onboarding processes are also automated via an easy-to-follow the setup wizard.
  • Comprehensive analytics & reporting: Tapfiliate’s comprehensive analytics platform allows business owners to monitor all aspects of the affiliate program performance over time including the number of sales generated by each affiliate as well as overall conversion rates.
  • Customizable commission structures: Tapfiliate supports multiple commission structures including flat fee payments, tiered rewards, bonuses, and even recurring payment commissions. Business owners can set up different commission structures for different affiliates or groups of affiliates.
  • Fraud protection features: The fraud prevention features within Tapfiliate help keep fraudulent activities at bay thanks to tools such as IP address blocking, click-through rate monitoring, and more.


  • Costly monthly subscription fees: Despite being a powerful tool, Tapfiliate comes with quite costly monthly subscription fees starting at $89/month which could be too expensive for some businesses with smaller budgets.
  • Lack of customization options: Although Tapfiliate provides some customization options when it comes to creating commissions structure, there is still room for improvement in terms of customizing branding elements such as logos and colors on the platform dashboard

Final Thoughts

Tapfiliate is a powerful affiliate tracking software that offers easy integration, comprehensive analytics and reporting, customizable commission structures, and fraud protection features. However, the costly monthly subscription fees and lack of customization options may not be suitable for businesses with smaller budgets. Nonetheless, Tapfiliate is a valuable tool for online businesses looking to manage their own affiliate programs effectively.

Easy integration


Automated recruitment & onboarding


Comprehensive analytics & reporting


Customizable commission structures


Fraud protection features


Costly monthly subscription fees


Lack of customization options


  • +Easy integration
  • +Automated recruitment & onboarding
  • +Comprehensive analytics & reporting
  • +Customizable commission structures
  • +Fraud protection features


  • -Costly monthly subscription fees
  • -Lack of customization options
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