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Relume Ipsum emerges as a beacon of progress, revolutionizing website copy generation through automation.

Editor’s View:

For designers accustomed to juggling various aspects of a project, content creation often presents a time-consuming hurdle. Relume Ipsum sweeps aside this challenge, offering an intuitive interface within Figma that facilitates the process of generating website copy. By inputting essential company details, designers can swiftly access well-crafted, AI-generated content, eliminating the need to invest hours in crafting text.

Key Features:

  • Figma Integration: Seamlessly generate website copy within the Figma design tool.
  • AI-Powered Content Generation: Leverage GPT-3 technology mixed with proprietary algorithms for realistic and unique content.
  • Subscription Pricing Plans: Choose from plans allowing the generation of 10,000 to 50,000 words per month.
  • Wide Range of Website Types: Generate content for corporate websites, e-commerce sites, blogs, and more.
  • Commercial Use: Utilize the generated content for commercial purposes.
  • Simple and Intuitive Interface: Easily input company details and receive generated content with a few clicks.
  • Accuracy Based on Company Description: Provide a polished and specific company description for more accurate results.
  • Relume Ipsum Figma Kit: Optimized design resources for enhancing the content generation process.


  • Time-Saving: Instantly access well-crafted copy, reducing content creation time and allowing designers to focus on other aspects of the project.
  • Diverse Content Generation: From corporate websites to e-commerce platforms, Relume Ipsum offers content generation for various website types.
  • Professionalism: AI-generated content maintains a high level of professionalism, enhancing the overall quality of the design.
  • Resource Efficiency: Small businesses and startups can save resources by opting for AI-generated content instead of investing in professional copywriting services.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Designers can explore new design possibilities by integrating well-written copy that guides the overall design process.

Use Cases:

  • Designers and developers seeking quick and realistic website copy directly within Figma.
  • Small businesses and startups looking to save time and resources on professional copywriting.
  • Individuals and teams requiring unique website copy for various website types.
  • Content creators and marketers in need of inspiration and assistance with generating engaging website copy.


  • Lack of Human Touch: While AI-generated, the content might lack the nuanced touch that human copywriters can provide.
  • Dependency on Input: The accuracy of generated content relies on the quality of the input company description.

Final Thoughts

In a world where speed, quality, and efficiency are paramount, Relume Ipsum emerges as a game-changer for designers and developers alike. By harmonizing AI prowess with design innovation, it offers a unique solution that not only saves time but also enhances the creative process. As design continues to evolve, tools like Relume Ipsum signify a new era of collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence.



Diverse Content Generation




Resource Efficiency


Enhanced Creativity


Lack of Human Touch


Dependency on Input


  • +Time-Saving
  • +Diverse Content Generation
  • +Professionalism
  • +Resource Efficiency
  • +Enhanced Creativity


  • -Lack of Human Touch
  • -Dependency on Input
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