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Hamburg Airport Transforms Passenger Services with Amadeus Cloud Technology

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Hamburg Airport Implements Amadeus Flow

Hamburg Airport in Germany adopts Amadeus Flow, an integrated airport cloud solution, to streamline and manage passenger services from check-in to lost and found desks. This flexible approach enhances ground handling agents’ access to airline systems and improves service efficiency.

Leveraging Amadeus Cloud Use Service for Seamless Connectivity

By migrating more than 200 workstations to the cloud with Amadeus Cloud Use Service (ACUS), Airport enables ground handling agents to easily and reliably access necessary airline systems. This cloud-based approach eliminates the need for costly fixed network connections and local server hosting, reducing expenses and enabling focused priorities.

Consolidating Data and Driving Insights with Modern Cloud Technology

Amadeus Flow empowers Hamburg Airport to consolidate passenger journey information in a consistent format. Through intuitive dashboards, the airport gains actionable insights to optimize resource allocation and proactively identify service issues, enhancing operational efficiency.

Convenient Payment Options for Passengers with Outpayce Airport Pay

Passengers at Hamburg Airport can now conveniently pay for airline products using Outpayce Airport Pay. This solution supports various payment methods, including cards and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, simplifying the payment process for ancillary services such as extra baggage and upgrades.

Transitioning to Amadeus Smart Message for Enhanced Baggage Messaging

Hamburg Airport embraces Amadeus Smart Message, a modern internet protocol message exchange, to replace legacy baggage messaging systems. This transition enhances communication efficiency and reduces costs, improving baggage handling operations across the airport.

Simplified IT and Enhanced Passenger Experience

With Amadeus’s cloud technology, Hamburg Airport streamlines its IT infrastructure, simplifying processes and reducing complexity. This upgrade aims to enhance the experience for airline customers and passengers, enabling faster implementation of new passenger services and fostering innovation.


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