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Farewell to a Storied Legacy: Singapore Turf Club Bids Adieu to Over 180 Years of Horse Racing

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End of an Era

After a remarkable journey spanning more than 180 years, the curtains are set to fall on horse racing in Singapore. The iconic Singapore Turf Club, the nation’s sole racecourse, will soon host its last event before making way for a new chapter in its storied history.

A Royal Connection

Embedded in the annals of the Singapore Turf Club’s heritage is the notable presence of Queen Elizabeth II. The esteemed monarch, renowned for her love of horse racing and breeding, has a race named after her at the course.

The Queen Elizabeth II Cup, initiated during her visit in 1972 and graced by her attendance once again in 2006, adds a regal touch to Singapore’s equestrian legacy.

Honoring Tradition

In a heartfelt statement, the Singapore Turf Club pays homage to the sport’s rich history within the nation. As the club prepares for its final race on October 5, 2024, the focus remains unwavering on upholding sportsmanship, ensuring safety, and preserving the integrity of every race.

The Evolution of Singapore Horse Racing

The roots of horse racing in Singapore can be traced back to 1842 when Scottish merchant William Henry Macleod Read and a group of passionate enthusiasts established the Singapore Sporting Club.

They transformed a patch of semi-swampland in Farrer Park, central Singapore, into a bustling racecourse. Over the years, the racecourse transitioned and evolved, eventually becoming the revered Singapore Turf Club in 1924.

Navigating Change

Despite its magnificent five-storey grandstand, capable of accommodating 30,000 spectators, the Singapore Turf Club has faced a decline in attendance over the past decade.

This reality, combined with Singapore’s ongoing need for land optimization, has led to the government’s decision to reclaim the 120-hectare site for public and private housing, aligning with future land use needs.

Paving the Way for the Future

As Singapore bids farewell to horse racing, the Ministry of National Development emphasizes its commitment to the city-state’s future growth and vitality.

Beyond housing, the government envisions exploring diverse redevelopment opportunities for the land, including the creation of leisure and recreation facilities. This endeavor aims to preserve Singapore’s dynamic landscape while catering to the evolving needs and aspirations of its citizens.


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