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Recent Developments on CBI: Companies Leaving, Government Pausing, and Urgent Review

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Unpacking the Turmoil at the Confederation of British Industry

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is going through a turbulent time amid allegations of rape and stalking that have been reported in the media.

These allegations have triggered a chain reaction of events, including companies leaving, the government pausing engagement, and urgent reviews being called for. This blog post explores recent developments in detail.

Companies Leaving the CBI

John Lewis was one of the first companies to announce its decision to leave the CBI in response to the allegations, and it released a statement that acknowledged the seriousness and ongoing nature of these allegations.

The company’s decision received widespread media coverage and sparked a trend, with other companies following suit. Many large corporates, including Virgin Media O2, BMW, Aviva, Zurich, Natwest, and Mastercard, have suspended activity with the CBI.

According to reports, Shell and BP also paused their membership, adding to the list of companies who have left the CBI.

Government and Other Associations Pausing Engagement with the CBI

Not only have companies left the CBI, but the UK government has also decided to pause its engagement with the organization. The decision was made as the allegations relate to Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, a former director-general.

As reported by the media, more than 200 business leaders have called for an independent review of the CBI’s culture and operations. The British Insurance Brokers’ Association has also withdrawn its membership.

Investigations and Urgent Review

Given the severity of the situation, the City of London Police is investigating allegations of serious. The allegations originate from eight women who have accused a former CBI director-general of rape and stalking.

The CBI has also called for an urgent root and branch culture review to examine how it operates and how its structure, systems, and governance can best support a diverse and inclusive culture.

Furthermore, the CBI has appointed Rain Newton-Smith as the new director-general, but there have been questions about her ability to lead reform.

The Urgent Need for Cultural Change

These recent developments regarding the CBI and the allegations of rape and stalking highlight the need for a cultural change within the organization. The actions taken by companies and the government illustrate that responsibility is essential and transparency and a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment and attack are crucial.

The urgent review called for by the CBI should be comprehensive, encompassing a top-down transformation of the organization’s culture, systems, procedures, and accountability mechanisms. If the CBI is serious about reform, it must ensure that its values align with modern society’s expectations and that it delivers a culture that supports and values all its employees.

Victims of harassment and assault require support and empathy, and we must collectively stand together to ensure that this cultural shift takes place in every corner of our society.


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