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Keep in Chat: WhatsApp’s New Feature for Saving Disappearing Messages

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A New Way to Save Your Messages

Have you ever received a message on WhatsApp that you wish you could keep forever? Maybe it was a sentimental message from a loved one or an important message from a business colleague.

Whatever the reason, WhatsApp has heard users’ requests for a feature that allows messages to be saved even after they disappear. And now, the popular messaging app has introduced a new feature called Keep in Chat, which allows users to do just that.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the functionality of Keep in Chat, how it works, and its practical applications, as well as potential drawbacks.

What is Keep in Chat?

Keep in Chat is a new feature on WhatsApp that allows users to save disappearing messages. While previous messages would disappear after seven days, Keep in Chat allows users to keep messages with the sender’s permission.

The sender of the message must grant consent for the message to be kept and can reject any choice to do so. Saved messages will be marked with a bookmark icon and can be accessed through the Kept Messages feature. This feature will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks.

How Does Keep in Chat Work?

To save a message using Keep in Chat, the receiver must first request permission from the sender. The sender will then have the option to grant or deny permission to keep the message, hence disappearing messages can be possible.

Even if permission is granted, the sender can veto the decision to keep the message at any time. Saved messages will be clearly marked with a bookmark icon, making them easy to find and access through the Kept Messages feature.

Practical Applications of Keep in Chat

Keep in Chat has a range of practical applications. For businesses, important messages that would otherwise disappear after seven days can now be saved for future reference. Lawyers can now save messages as evidence in legal cases, and individuals can save messages that hold sentimental value and access them whenever they want.

Potential Drawbacks of Keep in Chat

As with any new feature, there are potential drawbacks to Keep in Chat. Saving messages without the sender’s permission could be seen as a violation of privacy. Saved messages may also be vulnerable to hacking or theft, posing a security concern. Lastly, overuse of the feature could lead to cluttered chats and difficulty finding important messages.

Take Control of Your Messages with Keep in Chat

WhatsApp’s new feature, Keep in Chat, provides users with the ability to save and access important messages even after they disappear. Businesses, lawyers, and individuals can all benefit from this new feature, which is easy to use and accessible through the Kept Messages feature.

However, users should also be aware of potential privacy and security concerns, as well as the chance of overusing the feature. So, try out Keep in Chat and experience the added convenience it provides.


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