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CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht Departs Amid Turbulence and Initiates Leadership Transition

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Departure of Chris Licht Marks the End of a Challenging Era at CNN

Following a tumultuous one-year tenure marred by significant missteps, Chris Licht, the embattled chief executive and chairman of CNN, will be leaving the company. This significant development comes in the wake of a devastating 15,000-word profile in The Atlantic and amidst a backdrop of layoffs, historically low ratings, and diminished employee morale.

Fallout from The Atlantic Profile and Apology from Licht

The Atlantic article shed light on Licht’s management style and decisions that were met with criticism. Recognizing the impact of his actions, Licht offered a sincere apology to the staff of CNN, expressing remorse for any disruptions caused and acknowledging that he did not recognize himself when reading portions of the story.

He vowed to “fight like hell” to regain the trust of employees and restore focus to the newsroom’s work.

Zaslav Acknowledges Challenges and Initiates Search for New Network Chief

David Zaslav, the chief executive of parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, addressed CNN employees during the daily editorial call, announcing Licht’s departure and the commencement of a search for a new network chief.

Zaslav acknowledged the difficulties Licht faced in his role and praised his previous accomplishments. He expressed remorse for the lack of success and assumed full accountability for the outcome.

Interim Leadership Team Introduced to Guide CNN

During the transition period, CNN will be guided by an interim leadership team composed of experienced executives within the organization.

Amy Entelis, executive vice president of talent and content development, Virginia Moseley, executive vice president of editorial, and Eric Sherling, executive vice president of U.S. programming, will assume key responsibilities. Additionally, David Leavy, the recently appointed chief operating officer, will oversee the company’s commercial activities.

Licht’s Troubled Stint and Controversial Decisions at CNN

Licht’s tenure as the head of CNN was marked by a series of missteps and controversial decisions. One of the early actions he took was dismantling CNN+, a move that drew criticism as the streaming platform was previously hailed as the future of CNN.

His decision to separate himself from the network’s journalists and his announcement of mass layoffs further strained his relationship with the staff. The widely criticized town hall with former President Donald Trump added to the turmoil surrounding Licht’s leadership.

Looking Ahead: CNN’s Future and the Search for a New Leader

As CNN navigates the aftermath of Licht’s departure, the company faces the challenge of finding a new CEO who can revitalize the network’s performance and rebuild employee morale.

A thorough search will be conducted to find a new leader, considering both internal and external candidates, aiming to identify a visionary executive who can lead CNN into a prosperous new chapter.

The company aims to take the necessary time to conduct a thoughtful and thorough search, ensuring the selection of a leader who can restore stability, trust, and innovation to CNN’s operations.


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