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Greater Bay Technology Revolutionizes EV Batteries for Winter Conditions

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Greater Bay Technology Solves Cold Weather Challenge for EVs

A Chinese startup, Greater Bay Technology, claims to have developed an electric vehicle (EV) battery that maintains optimal performance in winter, addressing a major concern for EV owners. The company’s superconducting materials enable the battery to charge and function normally within six minutes, regardless of the outside temperature.

Greater Bay Technology’s Impressive Journey

Spun out of GAC Motor in 2020, Greater Bay Technology has already achieved significant milestones. Their eXtreme Fast Charging (XFC) cell, capable of fully charging in 15 minutes, has been successfully deployed in GAC Aion EVs, leading to substantial funding and recognition as a unicorn startup.

Introducing the Phoenix EV Battery

Greater Bay Technology unveils the Phoenix EV battery, promising an impressive 1,000 km (621 mi) range on a single charge while remaining unaffected by external temperatures. The advanced thermal management system quickly heats the battery from -20℃ (-4℉) to 25℃ (77℉) in five minutes, ensuring stable performance year-round.

Breakthrough in Thermal Management

GBT’s Phoenix battery utilizes lightweight, high-thermal conductivity materials and a 3-D thermal management system to enhance heat exchange. With heat exchange increased 18 times compared to traditional solutions and extreme fast cooling and heating capabilities, the battery achieves a temperature control rate three times faster.

Magazine Clip Structure for Enhanced Protection

The Phoenix EV battery features a unique “magazine clip” structure, optimizing heat exchange and providing improved protection against collisions or cell penetrations. This design contributes to the battery’s durability and safety.

Potential Global Impact and Future Outlook

While the Phoenix EV batteries are not yet in mass production, Greater Bay Technology plans to implement them in GAC Aion EVs next year and is in talks with other automakers. If successfully scaled and adopted globally, these batteries could significantly accelerate EV adoption by assuring consistent performance during freezing winter conditions.


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