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Arkansas Tech University Collaborates with Local Schools for Residency Programs

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Partnerships for Residency Programs

ATU has established memorandums of understanding with the Russellville School District and Dardanelle School District to implement residency pilot programs. These initiatives will offer year-long paid residencies to eligible ATU students seeking education degrees and licensure.

Supporting Teacher Preparation

The residency programs align with the goals of the ATU 2025 Strategic Plan and enhance the college’s engagement with community partners. Dr. Tim Carter, interim dean of the ATU College of Education and Health, believes the programs will contribute to the exceptional preparation of future teachers.

Available Residencies

In the 2023-24 pilot year, three year-long residencies will be available in the Russellville School District and two in the Dardanelle School District. These opportunities will allow ATU students to gain valuable hands-on experience in a classroom setting.

Funding Assistance

ATU has secured funding assistance for the residency programs through a Forward Arkansas grant. This financial support will help facilitate the implementation and success of the programs.

Collaborative Benefits

The collaborative partnerships between ATU and the local school districts aim to improve the education system in Arkansas and establish a model for year-long residency initiatives. Research suggests that paid and scaffolded residency experiences offer numerous benefits for residents, students, supervising teachers, and schools

Advancing Teacher Education

By providing continuity, real-life preparation experiences, increased instructor presence, financial support, and professional scaling-up opportunities, the residency programs seek to enhance the development and future success of aspiring educators in Arkansas.


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