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Go Eve Raises £3M to Advance DockChain System for Rapid EV Charging

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Funding Success

Go Eve, a joint venture between University College Dublin and Imperial College London, has successfully raised £3 million in its initial funding round. The investment round witnessed the participation of prominent investors, including The Pearl Family Office, Carter Gem, Automotive Ventures Inc., Kero Development Partners, and Cur8 Capital. The funding will enable Go Eve to strengthen supply chains, significantly scale up production, and initiate the installation of DockChain systems during the upcoming summer period.

DockChain’s Vision and Market Potential

Hugh Sheehy, CEO of Go Eve, envisions a future where rapid charging is available in every space. With reliable manufacturing partners capable of scaling cable and microchip production rapidly, Go Eve is well-prepared for growth. The company currently has the capacity for hundreds of installations and is poised to handle thousands next year. Fleet operators and destination car parks are expected to be key adopters of the DockChain system.

Collaboration for Sustainable Impact

Tom Flanagan, Director of Enterprise and Commercialisation at UCD, emphasizes the importance of climate action and sustainability. The successful £3 million funding round signifies Go Eve’s progress in bringing its innovative electric charging solution to the market. Collaboration between UCD and Imperial College London continues to support Go Eve in commercializing its exciting DockChain technology, which has the potential to revolutionize global EV charging practices.

Promising Returns on Investment

Dr. James Groves, Head of Investment Services at Imperial, highlights Go Eve as an exemplary Imperial start-up that not only aims to deliver strong returns on investment but also addresses the challenges of climate change and environmental impact. By combining profitability with sustainability, Go Eve exemplifies the potential for successful ventures in the field of EV charging.

Origin and Advancement of DockChain

Founded in 2021, Go Eve was established by Hugh Sheehy, John Goodbody, Professor Robert Shorten, Dr. Pietro Ferraro, and Andrew Cullen. The technology behind the DockChain system was initially developed by a team of academics and researchers led by Professor Shorten at the UCD School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Further advancements were made at Imperial’s Dyson School of Design Engineering.

The Innovative DockChain Solution

Go Eve’s DockChain technology aims to make high-power DC charging cost-competitive with lower-power AC charging options. By extending the reach of single rapid chargers to multiple parking spaces through a daisy-chain of low-cost charging terminals, Go Eve solves the challenge of efficient EV charging.

The software intelligently manages a virtual queue, optimizing power allocation to each connected EV and ensuring seamless scheduling. The successful pilot installation at the Imperial campus in November demonstrated the potential of the DockChain system.


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