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Wiom Secures INR 140 Crore Series A Funding to Revolutionize Internet Access in India

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Delhi-based Tech Startup Wiom Raises INR 140 Crore in Series A Funding

Wiom, a Delhi-based tech startup with a strong focus on democratizing internet access in India, has successfully raised INR 140 crore in its Series A funding round. Led by RTP Global, the funding also saw participation from YourNest and Omidyar Network India, an investment firm dedicated to creating a positive impact. Other investors joining the round were Global Brain, Blume Founders Fund, Alteria Capital, Stride Ventures, Stride One, and 9 Unicorns.

Transformative Vision to Empower Every Indian with 24/7 Internet Access

Satyam Darmora, the founder of Wiom, articulated the company’s vision, stating that in today’s world, “Air, Water, Food, and Internet” are the new essentials of modern life. Wiom aims to pave the way for a future where connectivity has no boundaries, where every individual can afford unlimited internet access. Utilizing cutting-edge technological disruptions, the startup is committed to helping every Indian harness the transformative power of the internet. Darmora expressed confidence in Wiom’s potential to become the largest contributor to India’s goal of 50 million PM-WANI hotspots across the country.

Wiom’s Innovative Platform-led Model for Affordable Internet Access

Founded by Satyam Darmora, Nishit Aggarwal, Ashutosh Mishra, and Maanas Dwivedi, Wiom has developed a platform-led distribution model to offer affordable unlimited internet access to middle and lower-middle-income households. The company’s model harnesses the transformative power of the PM-WANI framework, a government initiative aiming to provide affordable internet access to 500 million Indians over the next five years. Wiom’s approach ensures that a large number of users can access unlimited internet at affordable prices, significantly contributing to fulfilling the growing demand for internet connectivity in India.

Impressive Strides Towards Digital Inclusion

In just 18 months since its inception, Wiom has made remarkable progress towards digital inclusion, amassing a user base of over 3 lakh in Delhi alone. The company’s track record demonstrates its potential to reach more than 15 crore users in the next five years, according to an official statement. Wiom’s innovative utilization of the PM-WANI initiative has enabled it to provide democratized internet access to customers, fulfilling the mission of establishing 50 million hotspots under PM-WANI in the near future.

Expansion Plans and Focus on Talent and Technology

Looking ahead, Wiom is now gearing up to expand its footprint to cities across India. The company aims to invest in high-quality talent and distributed delivery architecture to support its growth ambitions. Wiom’s team possesses a winning combination of business innovation and technical excellence, which has impressed its investors, including RTP Global. The company’s approach has shown tremendous potential in creating a lasting and positive legacy in the technology and internet access landscape.

Wioms’ Journey: Empowering India through Digital Connectivity

As Wiom embarks on its journey towards empowering millions of Indians with affordable and unlimited internet access, it stands poised to contribute significantly to India’s digital transformation. By leveraging the PM-WANI framework and its innovative platform-led model, Wiom envisions a future where every citizen can harness the power of the internet, turning dreams into reality. With strong financial backing and an ambitious mission, Wiom’s pursuit of digital inclusion is set to make a lasting impact on India’s technology landscape.


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