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Empowering Farmers and the Earth: SIMPLi’s Journey Towards Ethical Food Sourcing

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Unveiling the Complexities of Farming Supply Chains

Sarela Herrada and her husband, Matt Cohen, witnessed the challenges faced by farmers in Peru due to an intricate and unfair supply chain system that left them at the mercy of middlemen. Determined to make a difference, they founded SIMPLi in 2020, a food sourcing startup with a mission to eliminate intermediaries and create a fairer buying process.

A Premium with a Purpose

SIMPLi supplies ethically sourced foods like quinoa, chickpeas, chocolate, and olive oil to US retailers and restaurants. While these products come at a premium price, Herrada believes that consumers will embrace them once they understand the meaningful impact of their purchase. Each product represents the hard work and dedication of farmers who have nurtured and harvested them with love.

Commitment to Farmers

With a network of 3,000 producers across South America and Europe, including the Andes mountains in Peru, SIMPLi has revolutionized the selling process for farmers. In regions like Ayacucho, Peru, where 58 people work the fields, SIMPLi’s fixed pricing model has become a game-changer. Farmers like Cristina Cárdenas de La Cruz appreciate the full value they receive for their produce, unlike the uncertainty of dealing with private dealers.

Empowering the Producer – Eliminating Middlemen

In contrast to the traditional supply chain with multiple middlemen, SIMPLi employs a vertical supply chain approach. They oversee every step, from processing and packaging to handling paperwork, eliminating unnecessary parties and ensuring more money returns to the farmers. This commitment comes with challenges, particularly in cash flow, as SIMPLi pays farmers upfront but may wait up to 120 days for the products to be sold.

Going Beyond Fairtrade – Embracing Eco-Friendly Agriculture

SIMPLi’s unique focus on eco-friendly agriculture sets it apart from other initiatives like Fairtrade. By working closely with farmers, SIMPLi encourages regenerative agricultural practices. This approach prioritizes soil health through techniques like crop rotation, moving away from monoculture commonly seen in industrial farming. Their quinoa and lupini beans have earned the esteemed Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC), reflecting the company’s dedication to soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness.

Preserving Mother Earth – SIMPLi’s Purpose Unveiled

For Herrada, the purpose of SIMPLi goes beyond business; it’s about preserving Mother Earth. By supporting regenerative agricultural practices and creating awareness about eco-friendly farming, SIMPLi aims to make a positive impact on the environment while empowering farmers with fairer deals. Through their commitment to ethical food sourcing, SIMPLi strives to create a sustainable future for farmers and the planet alike.


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