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Virginia Tech Athletics Unveils Thrilling Lineup of Themes for the Exciting 2023 Football Season

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Get ready to dive into an electrifying football season as Virginia Tech Athletics reveals an array of captivating themes and promotions that promise to make every game day a memorable experience. On August 16th, the department unveiled its plans, igniting a wave of excitement among fans and enthusiasts alike. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the remarkable themes, promotions, and celebrations awaiting you throughout the 2023 football season.

1. Marching Virginian for a Day: A Spirited Kickoff

The kickoff is set for an explosive start as Virginia Tech faces off against Old Dominion University. Immerse yourself in the Marching Virginian for a Day theme, embracing the vibrant spirit of the university’s renowned marching band. But that’s not all; the game will also honor the hard-fought victories of the ACC Co-Dual Champions Wrestling team and the ACC Champion Women’s Basketball team.

2. Orange Effect: Unite in Hokie Pride

As the Hokies gear up to take on Purdue University on September 2nd, the crowd is called upon to create an Orange Effect by adorning themselves in the spirited hue of Virginia Tech. Feel the camaraderie and energy as you join fellow fans in a sea of orange, making a visual spectacle that perfectly embodies Hokie pride.

3. Military Appreciation: Honoring the Brave

On September 30th, when Virginia Tech faces off against the University of Pittsburgh, the game takes on a poignant tone of gratitude and respect. With the theme of Military Appreciation, the day becomes a heartfelt tribute to the brave individuals who serve our nation. Group themes of Scout Day and Ticket for Troops evoke a sense of unity, while the Highty Tighties’ military-themed halftime performance is bound to leave a lasting impression.

4. Maroon Effect: A Resplendent Homecoming Celebration

Prepare to be swept away by the Maroon Effect as Virginia Tech meets Wake Forest University on October 14th. The game not only promises intense on-field action but also marks the culmination of the homecoming celebrations. It’s a time to embrace the university’s rich traditions and forge unforgettable memories.

5. Local College Night: Celebrating Community

On October 26th, Virginia Tech goes head-to-head with Syracuse University in a thrilling match that promises fiery action on and off the field. The group themes of Local College Night and Virginia Tech Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day bring the community together in a powerful show of support. And don’t miss the breathtaking skydiving performance by Team Fastrax before the game kicks off.

6. Senior Day: A Bittersweet Farewell

As the football season nears its close, Virginia Tech is set to play against North Carolina State on November 18th. The atmosphere is tinged with both nostalgia and excitement as it’s also Senior Day. Join us in honoring the contributions of these outstanding athletes and embrace the group themes of Education Day and Youth Team Day, fostering a connection that spans generations.

An Unforgettable Season Comes to Life

The Virginia Tech Athletics department has outdone itself this year, crafting an exhilarating lineup of themes that promise an unforgettable journey through the 2023 football season. Each game is a unique chapter, where fans, alumni, and supporters come together to create an atmosphere that’s electric with emotion and pride.


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