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Tech Zity Unveils Europe’s Largest Tech Campus in Lithuania – A Thriving Hub of Innovation

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Lithuania’s Ambitious Tech Campus Takes Shape

Lithuania is making its mark on the tech landscape with the construction of a massive tech campus in Vilnius, set to become Europe’s largest.

Tech Zity, the infrastructure project behind the development, announced plans for a 100 million euro ($110 million) campus spanning an impressive 55,000 square meters. Surpassing Paris’ renowned Station F, this ambitious endeavor aims to position Lithuania as the new tech capital of the Baltics.

A Renovation Project with British Inspiration

Taking inspiration from iconic British projects like the Battersea Power Station and Tate Modern art gallery, Tech Zity plans to transform disused sewing factories in Vilnius’ New Town into a modern tech hub.

The renovated space will retain its factory-like character, featuring expansive office floors with ceiling heights of at least 7 meters. This design concept aims to attract tech workers back to the office, promoting a sense of innovation and collaboration.

Lithuania’s Growing Tech Ecosystem

Over the past decade, Lithuania has experienced remarkable growth in its tech ecosystem. Darius Zakaitis, founder of Tech Zity, highlights the exponential rise, noting that the tech community has expanded from 200 individuals to a staggering 18,000.

This remarkable growth is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and expertise of Lithuania’s highly skilled workforce, which has been instrumental in fostering successful tech companies.

Vilnius as a Thriving Tech Hub

Vilnius, the second-largest city in the Baltic states, serves as a thriving center for tech innovation. The city is already home to major unicorns such as Vinted, a leading used clothing retailer, and Nord, a prominent cybersecurity firm.

With Vinted’s headquarters located just 200 meters away and Nord operating its own campus nearby, Tech Zity’s new development will further strengthen Vilnius’ reputation as a vibrant tech industry hub.

A Comprehensive Tech Campus Experience

Tech Zity’s expansive campus will offer more than just office space. The development plans include co-living spaces, restaurants, bars, and cultural and educational facilities.

By providing a holistic environment, the campus aims to foster collaboration, networking, and the exchange of ideas among its vibrant community of tech professionals. Vilnius’ mayor, Valdas Benkunskas, recognizes the impact of Tech Zity and its contribution to Vilnius’ growth as a modern tech hub.

The Journey Ahead

While Lithuania’s tech sector has witnessed significant achievements, it still has a long way to go before rivaling established tech powerhouses like the UK, France, or Germany. Venture capital funding in Lithuania reached 222 million euros in 2022, trailing behind its Western European counterparts.

However, the country is garnering increased interest from venture capitalists, indicating a promising trajectory. With renowned VC firms actively engaging with Lithuanian startups, the tech scene is poised for further growth and success.


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