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Swiss Robotics Startup ANYbotics Raises $50M for Revolutionary Quadrupedal Robot ANYmal

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ANYbotics Secures $50M Investment

Swiss robotics company ANYbotics has raised $50 million in Series B funding to meet the growing demand for robotic solutions in heavy industries. The investment will support international scaling, technological advancements, and solidify their position in robotic inspection solutions.

Introducing ANYmal: The Autonomous Quadrupedal Robot

ANYmal, developed by ANYbotics, is an advanced quadrupedal robot designed to navigate challenging terrains and perform a range of tasks. Equipped with advanced sensors, it can autonomously perceive its surroundings, making it ideal for inspection, monitoring, and maintenance in hazardous environments.

ANYmal X: Setting New Standards in Industrial Inspections

ANYbotics’ revolutionary ANYmal X platform has gained significant attention and garnered pre-orders and reservations exceeding $150 million. This ex-proof legged inspection robot is a game-changer in industrial inspections, particularly in hazardous environments, and has attracted the interest of global oil, gas, and chemical companies.

Validation of a Unique Approach

Dr. Péter Fankhauser, CEO of ANYbotics, states that this funding validates their approach to addressing challenges in complex industrial facilities. The investment will further develop their robots’ AI capabilities, such as manipulation for maintenance work, revolutionizing automated industrial operations.

Strong Support from Investors and Partners

Investors such as Walden Catalyst, NGP Capital, and Bessemer Venture Partners express their excitement about ANYbotics’ technology and its potential to create a significant positive impact. They believe in the company’s ability to redefine the market and drive large-scale deployments and internationalization.

The Battle of Quadrupedal Robots: ANYmal vs. Spot

With ANYmal challenging Spot’s dominance, the competition in the robotics field is heating up. As the epic showdown between these high-tech quadrupedal robots unfolds, we can anticipate exciting advancements and groundbreaking applications in various industries. Stay tuned!


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