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Hands In Secures $550K Funding to Transform Group Payments Online

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Hands In Completes $550K Funding Round

In a significant milestone, innovative payments start-up Hands In has successfully closed a $550K funding round. The funding will be instrumental in driving the commercialization of Hands In’s groundbreaking group payment services.

The start-up has attracted investments from industry leaders in key payment corporations, including GoCardless, Thredd, Elavon, FIS, Pay.com, PayU, Curve, and Free Trade.

Addressing a Crucial Need in the Tourism Sector

Hands In’s solution addresses a recognized need in the tourism sector, particularly for group travelers. Studies indicate that 59% of purchases made by Gen Z and Millennial travelers are in groups of three or more.

However, existing payment systems often force one person to upfront the entire cost, leading to failed transactions. Hands In enables customers to split the basket equally or by item, inviting all group members to contribute simultaneously and confirm their participation, reducing friction in online group payments.

Adoption by Global Travel Agencies and Airlines

Leading global online travel agencies and airlines have already demonstrated their commitment to Hands In, with several agreements in place. The start-up has secured a partnership with the fourth-largest airline in Spain.

These collaborations validate the relevance and value of Hands In’s group payment services within the travel industry and highlight its potential to drive incremental sales for retailers while enhancing the customer experience.

Integration with Major Players in the Payments Industry

Hands In has signed commercial contracts with major players in the payments industry to integrate its group payment services into their platforms. This strategic integration enables them to leverage the existing payment infrastructure of these industry leaders, providing a seamless and efficient solution.

The plug-and-play nature of Hands In’s platform makes it applicable not only to the travel industry but also to ticketing, hospitality, and other sectors where group purchases are common.

Empowering Customers and Fueling Future Growth

Hands In’s founder and CEO, Samuel Flynn, developed the concept based on personal experience and a universal problem faced by many. The start-up aims to simplify the group payment process and empower customers while addressing the limitations of legacy infrastructure.

With the recent investment, Hands In plans to support its global enterprise clients and payment partners, expand into new use cases, and develop new products and services to further propel its growth trajectory.


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