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SmartEye Unveils Driver Monitoring System to Enhance Road Safety

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SmartEye Introduces Groundbreaking Driver Monitoring System with Vital Signs Detection

SmartEye is set to unveil its innovative Driver Monitoring System (DMS) feature, incorporating vital signs detection to remotely monitor drivers’ heart and respiration rates. The integration of physiological indicators aims to enhance road safety and ensure driver well-being.

Addressing Automotive OEM Demands: SmartEye Develops Cutting-Edge Metric

In response to automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers’ demands, SmartEye has developed an advanced metric that focuses on crucial aspects of driver health and safety. The new feature allows for continuous monitoring of physiological signals to detect sudden illnesses or unresponsive behavior while driving.

Potential to Save Lives: Early Detection of Health Conditions for Safer Driving

By continuously monitoring drivers’ physiological signals, the new feature enables early detection of unforeseen health conditions such as heart attacks or seizures, potentially saving lives. It also facilitates the transmission of post-crash data to emergency responders, leading to more effective healthcare interventions.

AI-Powered Analysis: Accurate Assessment of Physiological Signals

Leveraging AI technology, SmartEye’s feature utilizes advanced algorithms to accurately analyze multiple physiological signals. The software incorporates remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) to measure heart rate and micro movement analysis to detect subtle changes in breathing or pulse.

Unobtrusive User Experience: Reliable Detection in Challenging Conditions

SmartEye’s technology employs 940-nanometer wavelength infrared light to detect reflections on the skin, ensuring an unobtrusive user experience. This enables reliable detection even in challenging lighting conditions inside a moving vehicle, such as darkness or intense sunlight.

Revolutionizing Driver Monitoring: Showcasing the Future at InCabin Brussels

SmartEye will showcase its new feature at InCabin Brussels, demonstrating how the software remotely detects heart and respiration rates in real-time. Visitors will witness the potential of this technology to revolutionize driver monitoring and enhance overall road safety by providing crucial insights into driver state and health.


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