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Samsung Expanding Chip Manufacturing in the US: Building a Reliable Foundation

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Samsung’s Manufacturing Presence in the US: A History of Growth

Since 1996, Samsung Electronics has established manufacturing companies in the US, with facilities in Texas and plans for a state-of-the-art chip plant in Taylor. The company’s commitment to the US market extends beyond a single factory with a reliable foundation.

Ambitious Expansion Plans: Samsung’s Vision for Multiple Chip Factories

In an interview, Jon Taylor, VP of Manufacturing Engineering at Samsung Electronics, revealed plans for additional chip factories near the upcoming facility. The “Chip Act” subsidies and favorable construction costs in the US contribute to Samsung’s ability to bridge the cost differential with Asian counterparts.

Catering to Local Demand: Samsung’s Commitment to Texas Expansion

To better serve local demand for semiconductor components, Samsung is dedicated to building an additional facility in Texas. By eliminating the need for sourcing chips from other regions, customers can access Samsung’s products directly within the US market.

Addressing Production Shortages: Samsung’s Determination to Excel

During the pandemic, Samsung faced production capacity challenges and expressed concern about meeting customer demand. The company’s commitment to excellence and its refusal to settle for second place drive its ambition to become the leading contract chip manufacturer, rivaling Taiwanese TSMC.

Aiming for Industry Leadership: Samsung’s Decade-End Goals

Samsung aims to surpass TSMC as the world’s largest contract chip manufacturer by the end of the decade. While TSMC currently holds the title, Samsung’s aggressive approach and dedication to the American industry position it as a reliable foundation for the future.

Building a Strong Presence: Samsung’s Pledge to the US Market

Samsung’s representatives emphasize their commitment to becoming a cornerstone of the American chip manufacturing industry. By expanding their presence in the US and catering to local demand, Samsung strives to establish itself as a reliable and influential player in the market.


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