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Rocsys Raises $36M to Revolutionize Autonomous Charging with AI and Robotics

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Rocsys Secures $36 Million in Series A Funding Round

Dutch startup Rocsys has successfully closed a Series A funding round, raising an impressive $36 million. The round was led by SEB Greentech Venture Capital, with participation from Graduate Entrepreneur, the European Investment Bank, and returning investor Forward.One. This substantial investment will fuel Rocsys’ expansion efforts as it aims to redefine autonomous charging solutions for electric transportation in the United States and Europe.

Advancing Technology and Capabilities

With the latest investment, Rocsys plans to enhance and expand the capabilities of its platform. The funds will be allocated towards research and development to introduce additional features such as intelligent parking guidance, expanded software integrations for vehicle navigation and fleet management systems, and enhanced remote diagnostics and teleoperations support. These advancements aim to optimize the charging experience and increase efficiency for Rocsys’ customers.

Strengthening Presence in North America

Rocsys has strategic plans to strengthen its presence in North America by establishing a dedicated division in Portland, Oregon. This expansion will not only provide enhanced application engineering and customer service support in the region but also facilitate local supply chain management and manufacturing activities. By bolstering its operations in North America, Rocsys aims to further scale its business and meet the growing demand for its innovative charging solutions.

SEB Greentech Venture Capital Leads the Way

SEB Greentech Venture Capital, a leader in sustainable investments, spearheaded the funding round for Rocsys. The investment aligns with SEB’s focus on supporting companies with proven sustainability impact, scalable use cases, and strong growth potential. Mikko Huumo, Investment Manager at SEB, expressed enthusiasm for Rocsys’ ability to make electrification practical across a wide range of vehicles, from personal autonomous cars to heavy-duty equipment, thereby contributing to the reduction of emissions with robotics.

Expert Guidance from Industry Leaders

This company has expanded its Board of Advisors with the addition of four new members. Mikko Huumo from SEB, Frederik Gerner, Jan Willem Friso from Forward.One, and Dr. Gregor Matthies now bring their decades of expertise in the technology and mobility sectors to Rocsys. This advisory team will provide valuable guidance as Rocsys continues to innovate and shape the future of electric charging, establishing itself as a leading player in the industry.

Rocsys’ Breakthrough Solution for Autonomous Charging

Founded in 2019 by Crijn Bouman, Joost van der Weijde, and Kanter Van Deurzen, It pioneers a revolutionary approach to autonomous charging. By integrating soft robotics, AI-based computer vision, and data-driven services, they transform existing chargers into fully automated systems that eliminate the need for manual intervention.

This innovative solution mitigates the risks of operator errors, ensures compliance with regulations, minimizes equipment damage, and reduces human exposure to high-voltage components. Rocsys’ technology caters to a wide range of vehicles, including consumer and fleet vehicles, port equipment, heavy-duty machinery, and more. By optimizing charging processes, Rocsys aims to increase throughput for fast-charging stations by up to 20% and make a significant contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions, estimated to reach 400 million tons by 2035 in robotics.


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