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Rising Concerns: Smart Devices Fuel Tech-Enabled Domestic Abuse, Say MPs

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The Rising Concern

A recent report by the Culture, Media, and Sport Committee sheds light on a disturbing trend: the alarming use of smart devices like fitness trackers, baby monitors, and home security systems in cases of tech-enabled domestic abuse. This worrisome phenomenon, characterized by monitoring, harassment, coercion, and control, has prompted MPs to call for urgent action.

Pervasive Issue in UK Homes

The committee’s findings reveal that, on average, there are nine “smart” devices present in UK households. These devices, initially designed to enhance convenience and connectivity, are increasingly being exploited to invade the privacy and personal safety of individuals, often exacerbating the effects of domestic abuse.

Government Urged to Act

Chair of the committee, Dame Caroline Dinenage, emphasizes the pressing need for government intervention. While acknowledging the benefits of connected technology, she highlights the growing risk these gadgets pose to online privacy and safety. Dame Caroline urges collaboration with manufacturers to address this concerning issue, which is predicted to escalate in the future.

Struggles and Solutions

In addition to government action, the committee stresses the importance of equipping the police and criminal justice system to effectively tackle tech-enabled abuse. Victims must also receive enhanced support. The committee’s investigation, initiated in May 2022, underscores the prevalence of cyber elements in domestic abuse cases, often involving spyware, surveillance, and collection of personal recordings and images.

Protecting Vulnerable Groups

Particular attention is directed towards safeguarding vulnerable groups, especially children, from both abuse and data exploitation. The committee proposes that products used by young people at home and in schools should feature intuitive privacy settings and age-appropriate terms and conditions. The Domestic Abuse Commissioner and tech firms share the responsibility to address this issue, focusing on prevention rather than putting the burden on victims.

Government Response and Future Steps

Government representatives acknowledge the gravity of domestic abuse and their determination to combat it. They point to the Tackling Domestic Abuse Plan and substantial funding aimed at preventing offenses, supporting victims, and pursuing offenders. Upcoming initiatives, such as bolstering cybersecurity standards and the enactment of the Online Safety Bill, aim to establish the UK as a global leader in online safety.


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