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PepsiCo’s State-of-the-Art Chip Plant in Poland, Focusing on Sustainability

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PepsiCo’s New Plant in Poland

PepsiCo inaugurates its fifth production plant in Poland, investing in advanced technology and sustainable practices to become the most innovative PepsiCo facility in the European Union. The plant aims to expand product range and increase production scale for 20 European markets.

The Impressive Features of PepsiCo’s Polish Plant

Spanning an area equivalent to seven football fields, the PepsiCo plant includes office space, a warehouse, and a modern sewage treatment plant. It boasts three advanced and energy-efficient production lines, producing Lay’s potato chips and Doritos nachos.

The facility utilizes innovative heat recovery systems, rainwater collection, and recycling methods to minimize environmental impact.

Employment Opportunities and Regional Impact

The PepsiCo plant in Poland is expected to employ 450 people from the region. The company acknowledges the contributions of contractors, design offices, and local authorities in completing the project successfully. The establishment of the plant creates economic opportunities and contributes to the region’s development.

Sustainable Initiatives and Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

PepsiCo’s investment in sustainability projects, including recyclable packaging, renewable energy sources, and cooperation with farmers, demonstrates its dedication to environmental responsibility. The company plans to implement additional initiatives such as wind turbines, biogas plants, and biofertilizer production to achieve zero net emissions by 2035.

Accelerating Growth in the Polish Market

Poland is a strategic market for PepsiCo, with over 30 years of investment. The new plant signifies a significant milestone in the company’s European operations and reflects its commitment to food production aligned with the PEP+ vision.

PepsiCo sees Poland as a vital hub for potato sourcing and aims to further enhance cooperative relationships with local farmers.

Towards a Sustainable Future

PepsiCo’s state-of-the-art chip plant in Poland sets a benchmark for environmentally sustainable snack production. The company’s continuous investment in sustainable solutions reinforces its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and fostering a greener future in the food and beverage industry.


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