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PCAOB: Significant Deficiencies in Audits of US-Listed Chinese Companies

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Addressing Significant Audit Deficiencies in US-Listed Chinese Companies

Accurate financial statements are vital for investors to make informed decisions and for the stability of the marketplace. In recent times, audits of Chinese firms listed in the US by auditors have revealed significant deficiencies.

This situation has raised concerns about investors’ trust in these companies, market stability, and the auditing profession’s credibility.

In this blog post, we will examine the background context of this issue, the response from auditing firms, investor concerns, PCAOB remediation efforts, and the role of Chinese regulators.

Background Context

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) has been seeking access to Chinese company auditors’ records for years. However, Chinese regulators have not allowed full access to these records.

This situation led to significant deficiencies found in audits conducted by KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Deficiencies include insufficient evidence to support significant audit conclusions, failure to identify fraud risks, and inadequate testing of internal controls.

As a result, investors are unable to substantiate financial statements, making it hard for them to trust these companies.

Response from Auditing Firms

KPMG and PwC have taken several steps to address the deficiencies raised by the PCAOB. KPMG issued an action plan that includes enhancing audit quality controls and training, increasing consultation with its national office, and improving engagement team communication.

PwC also issued an action plan that includes improved approaches to audit methodology, technology, training, and risk assessment. These steps show the auditing firms’ commitment to maintaining credibility and trust in the auditing profession.

Investor Concerns

Inaccurate financial statements can have dire implications for investors. For instance, investors may make investment decisions based on incorrect information, leading to potential financial loss.

Additionally, inaccurate financial statements can cause market volatility and increase the potential for fraud. As a result, investors demand transparency and accurate financial statements to make informed decisions.

PCAOB Remediation Efforts

The PCAOB has provided a summary of the timeframe for firms to remediate deficiencies. The PCAOB also noted that firms should expect cases to be referred to the enforcement team if they do not remediate deficiencies.

Furthermore, the PCAOB has emphasized the importance of future inspections and access to audit records to address the issue of significant deficiencies in audits of US-listed Chinese companies.

Chinese Regulators’ Role

Full access to audit records is crucial for investors and market stability. Without access to such records, investors cannot make informed decisions or trust the financial statements of Chinese companies. Chinese regulators’ failure to allow access to audit records could make it hard for Chinese companies listed on American exchanges to gain investor trust and raise capital.

Ensuring Transparency and Accuracy in Financial Statements

In conclusion, it’s crucial to maintain transparency and accuracy in financial statements for all stakeholders. The issue of significant deficiencies in audits of US-listed Chinese companies needs to be addressed to ensure investor trust and market stability.

It’s commendable that auditing firms have taken steps to address this issue, but it’s necessary for Chinese regulators to provide full access to audit records.

Finally, the PCAOB’s remediation efforts and future inspections will help ensure that auditors comply with quality control standards to provide accurate financial statements.


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