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Lively Business Buzz in Lubbock: Openings, Closures, and Delicious Ventures

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A Month of Business Dynamics

Last Tuesday, the July business roundup provided a glimpse into Lubbock bustling business scene. The landscape witnessed an array of developments, including the emergence of four new establishments, the unfortunate closure of three, and exciting announcements from four prospective ventures. Notably, the Lee family, proprietors of Royal Seafood and Bucket of Love, introduced their latest culinary concept, Doc’s Cafeteria. Meanwhile, the unexpected shuttering of All American’s Mexican Hideout, merely a month after its June launch, left locals surprised.

From Backyard Cookout to Snacking Success

In a candid conversation early last week, Jared Drinkwater recounted his journey from a casual backyard cookout to the creation of his thriving company, Low & Slow Snacks. Based in Dallas, Drinkwater’s hickory-smoked chips have now secured spots on the shelves of Texas supermarkets. His tale illustrates the power of asking “what if,” transforming a simple idea into a venture that promises a distinctive snacking experience.

Sweet Success On Wheels

Enterprising entrepreneur Alexsis Gonzalez, the driving force behind Smothered Cakes, has revived her enterprise offering delectable mini-pancakes adorned with an array of toppings. Gonzalez’s innovative twist lies in her new food truck, which now serves as the hub for her mouthwatering creations. Her journey from revival to mobility underscores the entrepreneurial spirit and culinary creativity that define Lubbock dynamic business scene.

Unveiling 114.Slide Development

A sneak peek into the ongoing 114.Slide development was granted in an exclusive first-look article published on Sunday. Guided by Tate Martin and Randy Egenbacher, the piece delves into the insights behind the upcoming office complex, poised to redefine Lubbock’s commercial landscape. The construction tour offered a glimpse into the future, teasing the array of businesses set to fill the complex in the forthcoming months.

Rusty Taco’s Imminent Arrival

Stay tuned for an exclusive insight into the much-anticipated Rusty Taco, just ahead of its grand opening. Annie Rice and our team were granted early access to the establishment, capturing the essence of what’s to come. The upcoming article promises to offer an exciting glimpse into the flavors and ambience that Lubbock residents can look forward to experiencing firsthand.

The Pulse of Lubbock’s Business Scene

Lubbock’s business news unfolds with a mix of openings, closures, and dynamic ventures. From the creative prowess of Low & Slow Snacks’ Jared Drinkwater to the mobile success of Alexsis Gonzalez’s Smothered Cakes, the city’s entrepreneurial spirit remains vibrant. As the 114.Slide development takes shape, and Rusty Taco readies for its debut, Lubbock business pulse continues to beat with excitement and promise.


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