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Humanz Raises $5 Million Series A Funding for AI-Based Influencer Marketing Platform

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Israeli Startup Humanz Secures $5 Million in Series A Funding

Humanz, an Israeli startup renowned for its AI-based influencer marketing platform, announced the successful completion of a $5 million Series A funding round. The funding was led by strategic investors, including Yuval Tal, the founder of prominent fintech company Payoneer.

This latest round brings Humanz’s total fundraising to $17 million, allowing the company to fuel its growth and expand its services.

Empowering Brands with Real-Time Insights on Influencer Success

At the core of Humanz’s platform is a cutting-edge technology that characterizes and analyzes customer journeys (followers) on websites. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Humanz measures and reflects the success of influencers and content creators in real time.

By utilizing a data-driven approach, brands gain access to invaluable insights regarding the effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns. This empowers them to make well-informed decisions and fine-tune their strategies to achieve optimal impact.

A Team of IDF Unit 8200 Programmers Launches Humanz

Humanz was founded in 2017 by a talented team of five programmers from the renowned IDF Unit 8200: CEO Liav Refael-Chen, COO Roi Naaman, CPO Kobi Dalal, CTO Eliran Moyal, and Shmuel Goldfarb.

Leveraging their technological expertise and prowess in data analysis, the team embarked on a mission to transform the landscape of influencer marketing. Their visionary approach led them to develop a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly integrates AI capabilities with a profound comprehension of customer behavior.

Global Expansion and Impressive Clientele

Since its inception, Humanz has expanded its operations beyond Israel and currently serves clients in various countries, including the United States, Turkey, South Africa, and Brazil. With over 80 employees worldwide, Humanz has established itself as a leading player in the influencer marketing industry.

Among its impressive clientele are renowned brands such as Unilever, LOREAL, Kimberly Clark, Terminal X, and Schestowitz Group, highlighting the platform’s effectiveness and appeal to diverse industries.

Strengthening Leadership with the Appointment of Chief Revenue Officer

In conjunction with the funding announcement, Humanz revealed the appointment of Liran Liberman as its Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). With a rich background in digital marketing and revenue generation, Liberman brings a wealth of experience from his distinguished tenure in senior positions at Google.

His time at the tech giant has allowed him to refine his expertise and acquire valuable insights that will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of Humanz.

Driving Growth and Value for Brands, Content Creators, and the Industry

Humanz’s mission is to provide a measurable and performance-oriented approach to influencer marketing. By delivering real-time insights and analytics, the platform empowers brands and content creators to work more effectively and unlock new revenue streams.

Humanz aims to create value for its customers through strategic collaborations with creators and continuous technological advancements. With an emphasis on the U.S. market, Humanz is committed to navigating the evolving landscape of influencer marketing and driving the industry forward in an efficient and customer-centric manner.


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