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Gamma and AXA Collaborate to Empower Homeowners with a Sustainable Future

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Gamma and AXA Partner to Empower Homeowners towards Sustainability

Gamma, the Irish technology company, has announced a strategic partnership with AXA, a leading insurance company in Ireland, to support the launch of AXA’s innovative Go Green web platform. The platform aims to assist homeowners in the Republic of Ireland in creating sustainable and comfortable homes while reducing their carbon footprint and saving on energy bills.

Go Green: A Comprehensive Platform for Sustainable Home Solutions

The Go Green web platform, developed by AXA and enhanced by Gamma, offers homeowners a wealth of information and resources for making sustainable home improvements. By streamlining the research process, the platform saves homeowners valuable time and effort.

Tailored Solutions for Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Building on Gamma’s existing BERWOW platform, AXA and Gamma have created a seamless user experience. The platform generates personalized retrofit suggestions based on the individual property’s energy rating and physical characteristics. Homeowners can effortlessly access these energy retrofit recommendations using their BER (Building Energy Rating) information.

Easy Access to Recommendations and Education

Through the Go Green platform, homeowners can effortlessly enter their Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) or choose from over 50 house classifications to access tailored retrofit recommendations. The web-based tool aims to educate homeowners about the financial and comfort benefits associated with retrofit investments, helping them make informed decisions on energy efficiency upgrades.

Gamma’s Collaborative Success and Future Growth

Alongside the partnership with AXA, Gamma has established successful collaborations with SSE Airtricity and An Post. With a focus on expanding its customer base and venturing into international markets, Gamma aims to further develop its innovative solutions in the coming years.

Contributing to a Greener and Sustainable Future

Feargal O’Neill, CEO of Gamma, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with AXA, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on homeowners across Ireland. By enabling informed decision-making on energy efficiency upgrades, Gamma is committed to driving a greener and more sustainable future. Ben Deans, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer at AXA Ireland, noted that the Go Green platform aligns with AXA’s focus on sustainability and climate action, offering customers protection, peace of mind, and a means to future-proof their homes while saving on energy bills.


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