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GameMaker is the best game engine that is used to create games on multiple platforms in 2D.

From Novice to Pro Game Developer

GameMaker, a cross-platform game engine initially created by Mark Overmars in 1999, has become an essential tool for both novice and experienced game developers worldwide.

Now developed by YoYo Games since 2007, the GameMaker series continues to evolve, with the latest iteration being released in 2022.

In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of GameMaker, as well as its drawbacks, and examine how it has transformed the gaming industry by making game development more accessible to everyone.

Key Features and Benefits

GameMaker’s primary appeal comes from its ease of use and versatility in creating various types of games. One of the key features that make GameMaker stand out is its custom drag-and-drop visual programming language. This feature enables even those with little or no programming knowledge to create games with ease. By incorporating a wide range of pre-set actions and events, users can quickly develop their own games without having to write a single line of code.

For more experienced users, GameMaker also offers a powerful scripting language called Game Maker Language (GML). This language provides advanced developers with greater control over their game’s mechanics and allows them to create complex and immersive gameplay experiences.

The GameMaker platform supports cross-platform development, meaning that games created using GameMaker can be exported and played on multiple devices, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This feature is essential in today’s gaming landscape, where players demand compatibility across their devices.

Some additional benefits of GameMaker include:

  • A large and active community: GameMaker boasts a substantial and thriving community of developers, offering support, resources, and inspiration for newcomers and veterans alike.
  • Extensive library of assets: Users can take advantage of various pre-built assets, such as sprites, sounds, and backgrounds to accelerate the game development process.
  • Tutorials and learning resources: GameMaker provides access to comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, and forums, which enable users to quickly learn and improve their skills.


Despite its many advantages, GameMaker has some drawbacks that should be considered.

  • First, even though GML is designed to be user-friendly, it may still present a steep learning curve for beginners. Additionally, GML is a proprietary language, so developers looking to expand their skillset in other programming languages may need to learn a new language.
  • Secondly, GameMaker primarily targets 2D game development. Although some limited 3D capabilities exist, they are insufficient for creating advanced 3D games. Developers aiming to create 3D titles may need to opt for other engines, such as Unity or Unreal Engine.
  • Finally, the cost factor should be considered. GameMaker offers a free trial version with limited features. However, to unlock the full potential of the software and access additional export options, developers need to purchase a license. Depending on the desired functionality, the cost of the license can become quite significant.

Final Thoughts

GameMaker is a powerful and accessible game development tool, suitable for both beginners and experienced developers. Its user-friendly interface, extensive resources, and strong community support make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to create their own games. While it has some limitations, particularly related to 3D game development and the learning curve associated with GML, these drawbacks are often outweighed by the many benefits GameMaker offers. As technology continues to advance and demand for accessible game development tools grows, GameMaker is poised to remain a significant player in the industry. Its ability to cater to a wide range of skill levels and interests ensures that GameMaker will continue to engage and inspire future generations of game developers.

A large and active community


Extensive library of assets


Tutorials and learning resources


Steep learning curve for beginners


Primarily targets 2D game development


  • +A large and active community
  • +Extensive library of assets
  • +Tutorials and learning resources


  • -Steep learning curve for beginners
  • -Primarily targets 2D game development
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