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Autodraw is an AI-powered circle drawing tool that provides an intuitive and powerful way for artists and designers to quickly and easily create beautiful images. By recognizing the shapes you draw.

Making drawing accessible

Autodraw is an circle drawing tool that can help artists and designers create beautiful images quickly and easily. Whether you’re a professional illustrator, a hobbyist sketcher, or just someone who needs to draw something quickly, Autodraw provides an intuitive and powerful way to draw.

At its most basic level, Autodraw is an AI-powered drawing tool that guesses what object or shape you intend to draw by recognizing the shapes you draw. For example, if you draw a curved line with two shapes on each end, Autodraw will recognize it as a smiley face. It does this by analyzing what shapes you’re drawing and then suggesting pre-made illustrations for those specific shapes. This can save time for people who are not as confident in their freehand drawing skills or who simply don’t have the time to meticulously sketch out every detail of their design.


The benefits of Autodraw are clear – it can speed up your workflows and help you create visually appealing designs with minimal effort. Plus, because the tool is powered by AI, it learns from its users’ drawings over time so it can become more accurate at guessing what they want to create. This means that if you use the tool frequently, its suggestions will become more tailored to your own style of drawing.


That said, there are also some drawbacks to using Autodraw. For one thing, because the suggestions are pre-made illustrations rather than original drawings created from scratch, they may not look quite as unique compared to what could be created manually. Additionally, because the tool is based on recognition rather than creativity, it may struggle when asked to create abstract or complex objects which require more creative forms of expression.

Final Thoughts

Autodraw is a useful AI-powered tool for helping people get their ideas onto paper quickly and easily without having to spend hours sketching out every last detail themselves. With its ability to identify common shapes and offer up pre-made illustrations in return it can significantly reduce design times while still producing results that look aesthetically pleasing in their own right. So if you’re looking for an easy way to speed up your design process without sacrificing quality of results then Autodraw might just be the perfect solution for you!

Easy to use


Adapts over time


Learns from users


Might not be too accurate


  • +Easy to use
  • +Adapts over time
  • +Learns from users


  • -Might not be too accurate
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