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Former Fox Executives Express Regret Over Assisting Rupert Murdoch

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Three Former Fox Executives Regret Their Role in Fostering Fox News’ Spread of Disinformation

In a joint statement released on Wednesday, three former high-ranking Fox executives, Preston Padden, Ken Solomon, and Bill Reyner, expressed profound remorse for their involvement in the early days of Fox News. Although their roles did not directly relate to Fox News, their work in establishing Fox as a national television force inadvertently contributed to the creation of the right-wing channel known for spreading disinformation .

Admiration for Rupert Murdoch Turned to Regret

Reflecting on their time at Fox in the 1990s, the executives conveyed their initial admiration for Rupert Murdoch and his bold vision. They believed that the emergence of a fourth competitive force in broadcast television was in the public interest. However, they now acknowledge that they never anticipated, nor would they have knowingly enabled, the transformation of Fox into what they perceive as a disinformation machine executives.

Privately Conveying Their Concerns

The trio had been privately sharing their concerns about Fox News for some time, lamenting the unintended consequences of their past actions. Recognizing the need to express their feelings, Preston Padden took the initiative to draft a statement, paving the way for their collective critique of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire executives.

Fox News Faces Ongoing Lawsuits and Controversies

Coinciding with the executives’ scathing assessment, Fox News finds itself entangled in yet another defamation lawsuit. Ray Epps, a man falsely accused by conspiracy theorists of orchestrating the January 6 insurrection, alleges that Fox News and former host Tucker Carlson engaged in a years-long campaign of spreading falsehoods that have irreparably damaged his life.

A History of Legal Troubles

Fox News has faced numerous lawsuits in recent times due to its promotion of baseless election conspiracy theories following Donald Trump’s defeat in 2020. In April, the network reached a landmark $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, followed by another election-related lawsuit settlement with a Venezuelan businessman. More recently, Fox News settled a lawsuit with a former producer who accused the network of sexism and pressuring her into providing false testimony in the Dominion case.

The Connection between Fox News and January 6

Padden believes there is a clear link between Fox News and the events of January 6. He points to the fact that the network has been implicated in court cases, with defendants even claiming to have suffered from “Foxitus,” a term implying the harmful effects of false news propagated by Fox. Padden asserts that action must be taken against a news organization that earns the moniker “Foxitus.”


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