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Former Apple Engineer Accused of Stealing Self-Driving Tech, Escaping to China

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US Charges Individuals in Cases of Technology Theft by Foreign Adversaries

The US Justice Department announces charges in five cases involving the theft of trade secrets and sensitive technologies, targeting China, Russia, and Iran. The cases expose procurement networks facilitating the acquisition of advanced technology by foreign entities.

US Strike Force Takes Action to Safeguard Sensitive Technologies

Established to protect sensitive technologies, the US “strike force” files its first set of charges, affirming its commitment to enforcing laws and preventing unauthorized transfer of advanced tools to foreign adversaries.

Former Apple Engineer Accused of Targeting Autonomous Systems Tech

Weibao Wang, a former Apple engineer, is accused of unlawfully accessing and stealing proprietary data related to Apple’s autonomous systems, particularly self-driving cars. He later fled to China after the discovery of substantial amounts of Apple’s data in his possession.

Challenges Surrounding Apple’s Project Titan

Apple’s Project Titan, the ambitious automotive venture, faces delays and setbacks. The company’s efforts to develop a self-driving car have encountered various challenges, with the planned launch reportedly postponed to 2026.

Additional Cases of Technology Theft and Smuggling

Other cases involve individuals charged with stealing trade secrets, smuggling military technologies to Russia, and supplying materials for weapons of mass destruction production to Iran. Arrests have been made in some instances, while defendants in China remain at large.

Legal Proceedings and Representation

Attorneys representing the accused individuals are either unavailable for comment or have not responded to requests for information. The status of legal representation for certain defendants remains unknown.


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