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EVO Power Establishes First US Base

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In a groundbreaking move that echoes progress and innovation, an Australian battery technology company has chosen Orange County as the home for its maiden U.S. venture. EVO Power USA Inc., a prominent figure in the battery energy storage sector hailing from Australia, has taken a bold step by securing a 15,070-square-foot industrial space at 30452 Esperanza, Rancho Santa Margarita.

Embracing the Power of Expansion

In a world increasingly fixated on sustainable energy solutions, EVO Power’s decision to establish roots in Orange County is nothing short of strategic brilliance. With a clear vision, the company aims to utilize this industrial hub for a multitude of critical operations, ranging from design engineering and assembly to rigorous testing and efficient distribution of their cutting-edge battery energy storage systems (BESS).

A Strong Commitment to Excellence

Unveiling this significant move, Jamie Allen, the Group Chief Executive of EVO Power, emphasized the meticulous consideration that went into choosing the perfect location. “After an extensive search across various Western states for our inaugural U.S. base, we concluded that the Orange County area aligns perfectly with our ethos,” Allen commented. The region’s resolute focus on renewable energy and the abundance of specialized labor played pivotal roles in influencing this momentous decision.

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Unveiling the Collaborative Forces

The leasing process was facilitated by JLL, who represented EVO Power USA Inc. throughout the negotiation and finalization stages. The industrial space’s owner, Fauna 43 LLC, was skillfully represented by Lee & Associates, marking the collaboration’s seamless execution. EVO Power’s choice to make this their U.S. headquarters further cements the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Pioneering the Energy Revolution

EVO Power’s commitment extends far beyond the conventional. Their groundbreaking battery energy storage systems (BESS) are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with various solar setups and provide unparalleled support to grid applications. This ethos perfectly aligns with Orange County’s burgeoning focus on renewable energy and sustainable technological advancements.

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A Vibrant Battery Tech Landscape

This news reverberates beyond EVO Power’s endeavors. Enevate, situated in Irvine, has also made waves by partnering with a distinguished South Korean battery manufacturer. The strategic collaboration aims to establish a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility within the United States. With a core focus on rapid charging and battery technologies with exceptional energy density, Enevate and its partner have set their sights on revolutionizing electric vehicles’ power systems.

Expanding Horizons in Hospitality

The winds of change are not limited to the tech realm alone. TMC Hospitality, based in Irvine, has ventured into uncharted territory by acquiring the sprawling 107-acre Buttonwood Farm & Winery in Santa Ynez Valley. This foray into agritourism marks a remarkable evolution for TMC Hospitality, renowned for its innovative ventures in the hospitality sector. The property’s rich history, spanning from its equestrian roots to the flourishing vineyards and winemaking, sets the stage for TMC’s visionary approach to hospitality.

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An Ever-Expanding Portfolio

Philip Bates, CEO of TMC Hospitality, expressed his enthusiasm for this venture, stating, “Buttonwood Farm & Winery holds a special place in our growing hospitality portfolio. We are excited about the potential to curate unique experiences for both locals and travelers in a community we hold dear.” This acquisition follows TMC Hospitality’s earlier purchases of Drift Hotels in Santa Barbara and Palm Springs, showcasing their dedication to reshaping the hospitality landscape.

Navigating the Real Estate Landscape

Shifting gears back to the real estate domain, investors’ attention remains captivated by small multifamily property deals within Orange County. The recent acquisition of a 12-unit apartment complex in Costa Mesa by VWC LLC for $5.7 million underscores the region’s magnetism for real estate investors. This transaction not only showcases the demand for such properties but also reflects their enduring appeal and potential for lucrative returns.

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A Legacy of Investment

The property, situated on Santa Ana Ave., boasts a history that spans over half a century. Having stood since 1968, the complex has stood witness to the evolving real estate landscape. Its recent sale to VWC LLC marks a continuation of its legacy, signaling the ongoing allure of well-located multifamily properties.

A Tale of Resilience and Investment

This sale, while remarkable, echoes a broader trend. Just weeks prior, another 12-unit property changed hands, reinforcing the ongoing interest in such real estate opportunities. The allure of Orange County’s real estate market remains robust, further underpinned by the region’s commitment to growth and innovation.

In a world where innovation intersects with real estate and hospitality, Orange County stands as a testament to progress. With companies like EVO Power making bold moves and TMC Hospitality reshaping experiences, the region’s dynamism is undeniable. The allure of its real estate landscape continues to captivate, promising a future where innovation and investment harmoniously coexist.


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