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Empowering Ethical Tech Development: Handbook Offers Operational Roadmap

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Urgent Need for Ethical Guidance in Rapidly Advancing Technology

As technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, technology developers face the critical task of making ethically sound decisions for the benefit of consumers. With the recent release of AI chatbots like ChatGPT raising security and privacy concerns, there is an increasing demand for guidance in navigating the ethical landscape. Addressing this need, a groundbreaking handbook titled “Ethics in the Age of Disruptive Technologies: An Operational Roadmap” has been released. It aims to provide practical guidance, including specific considerations for the ethical use of AI chatbots.

Collaboration between Institutions for Ethical Tech Development

The handbook is the result of a collaboration between Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and the Vatican’s Center for Digital Culture, forming the Institute for Technology, Ethics and Culture (ITEC). This collaborative effort brings together expertise from academia and the spiritual realm to tackle the ethical challenges posed by emerging technologies.

Father Brendan McGuire: A Bridge between Technology and Spirituality

Father Brendan McGuire, who had a background in the tech industry before becoming a Catholic priest, played a pivotal role in initiating this project. Through his connections with industry leaders and his understanding of the potential risks associated with AI, McGuire recognized the need for a mechanism to guide ethical decision-making. Collaborating with Kirk Hanson from the Markkula Center and a local bishop, he sought to leverage the Vatican’s influence to bring attention and traction to the initiative.

Vatican’s Involvement and Creation of the ITEC Initiative

Recognizing the Vatican’s diplomatic, cultural, and spiritual influence, McGuire approached Bishop Paul Tighe, who was serving as the secretary of the Dicastery for Culture and Education. In response to the call from Pope Francis to address digital and tech ethical issues, informal collaborations were initiated, leading to the formal establishment of the ITEC initiative in 2019. The Vatican’s commitment to promoting human values in technology development served as a catalyst for this collaboration.

Practical Handbook: Guiding Ethical Technology Development

Drawing on extensive research and discussions with tech leaders, the ITEC team decided to create a practical handbook that empowers companies to incorporate ethical considerations at every stage of technology development.

From the inception of an idea to the creation and implementation of technology, the handbook provides comprehensive guidance. By involving all stakeholders, including designers, coders, and implementers, companies can proactively ensure the ethical use of technology, rather than waiting for external regulations.

Accessibility and Relevance Beyond Catholicism

The handbook’s co-author, Ann Skeet, emphasizes that the guidelines presented are not limited to Catholics but are applicable to all business leaders and engineers. Written in a straightforward manner familiar to these stakeholders, the handbook aims to be as usable, practical, and comprehensive as possible.

By providing executives with tangible materials, it helps them move beyond “analysis paralysis” while awaiting regulatory environments. As demonstrated by recent policy initiatives, such as the European Parliament’s AI Act and proposals by the White House, the relevance of ethical considerations extends to any transformative technology.


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