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DISH Wireless Achieves 70% 5G Broadband Coverage in the US

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DISH Wireless Sets New Milestone with 5G Broadband

DISH Wireless announces the availability of its 5G broadband service to over 70% of the US population, reaching more than 240 million Americans and marking a significant achievement for the company and the telecommunications industry.

Rapid Deployment of DISH’s 5G Network

Within just three years, DISH successfully designs, constructs, and deploys its 5G network, meeting all commitments outlined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), including the launch of over 15,000 5G sites.

DISH Becomes First US Provider of 5G Voice Service

DISH becomes the first wireless service provider in the United States to introduce 5G voice service, known as Voice over New Radio (VoNR), expanding its functionality to cover over 70 million people across the country through Boost Mobile and Boost Infinite.

Praise for DISH’s Open RAN Network

Dave Mayo, Executive Vice President of Network Development at DISH Wireless, acknowledges the dedication and commitment of DISH’s teams, praising their efforts in growing the world’s first and only 5G cloud-native Open RAN network.

Monetization Plans and Network Optimization

John Swieringa, President and Chief Operating Officer of DISH Wireless, highlights the company’s role in transforming America’s wireless infrastructure and emphasizes the focus on monetizing the network through retail and enterprise growth while optimizing it for next-generation voice technology.

Accessing DISH’s 5G Broadband Network

Customers can access DISH’s 5G broadband network through Project Genesis, providing valuable customer input on network performance. Boost Mobile and Boost Infinite subscribers with compatible devices can enjoy the DISH 5G network in over 50 markets, with plans for expansion and the introduction of more network-compatible devices.


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