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Consumer Preferences and AI Innovations Shape the Future of Brand Engagement

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Introduction and Consumer Information Sharing Trends

A new global report, “The Mobile Consumer 2023,” presented by Airship at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, sheds light on evolving consumer preferences and behaviors. Based on a survey of over 11,000 consumers across ten countries, the report highlights that consumers are increasingly willing to share personal information with brands in exchange for personalized interactions and special incentives. Email addresses emerged as the most freely shared information at 86%, followed by “interests relevant to a brand” at 78%.

Importance of Customer-Centric Approach and Shifting Email Engagement Patterns

The report emphasizes the significance of adopting a customer-centric approach to brand interactions. It reveals that despite sharing email addresses, 79% of consumers ignore or delete marketing emails from brands they love at least half the time or more. Notably, younger generations, led by Gen Z, employ alternative methods to avoid commercial emails instead of unsubscribing or deleting based on sender or subject lines. They tend to check their emails less frequently, use secondary email accounts, and even employ anonymous or fake email addresses.

Preferences for Personalization and Balancing Advanced AI Methods

Globally, consumers find personalized recommendations based on past behavior or purchases (41%), interests and preferences supplied to the brand (40%), and location-targeted content and offers (34%) to be the most useful forms of personalization.

Interestingly, predictive suggestions based on comprehensive brand knowledge ranked lowest, except in Singapore. These findings suggest that while consumers desire personalized experiences, basic information alone falls short, and advanced methods must strike a delicate balance between helpfulness and intrusiveness.

Consumer Messaging Preferences and Importance of Control

The report delves into consumer preferences regarding app-based messaging from brands. It reveals that for five out of eight message types, a significant number of consumers prefer receiving messages immediately and as often as they occur. Respondents expressing a dislike for certain types of messages have decreased, while those wanting messages only while using a specific app have increased. These findings underscore the importance for brands to grant customers control over message types, frequency, and delivery channels

Airship’s Chief Strategy Officer on the Customer-First Future

Thomas Butta, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Airship, emphasizes that evolving data privacy regulations and advancements from Apple and Android are propelling brands towards a customer-first future.

To succeed in this landscape, brands must leverage mobile app experiences that prioritize transparency, control, convenience, and personalized utility. By respecting, rewarding, and serving customers better over time, brands can establish a deep understanding of their audience and meet their evolving needs.

Braze Unveils Advanced AI Capabilities to Enhance Customer Engagement

Braze, a comprehensive customer engagement platform, has announced updates to its existing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, now collectively named Sage AI by Braze. This integration of advanced AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities into the Braze platform aims to deliver better outcomes and enhanced engagement across the user journey.

The launch includes features such as hyper-personalized experiences through AI recommendations, automation generative AI for increased efficiency and creativity, and flexible experimentation tools to optimize customer journeys. These innovations are poised to empower marketers to unlock their creative potential and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


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