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China’s Domestic Tourism Rebounds Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

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The Rebirth of China’s Tourism Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the tourism industry worldwide, with both international and domestic travel coming to a halt. However, there is some promising news coming out of China regarding domestic tourism. During the May Day holiday period, domestic travel rebounded above pre-pandemic levels, indicating a turning point for the industry.

Domestic Tourism Rebounds to Pre-Pandemic Levels

The total number of trips taken during the five-day May Day break in China was 274 million, with spending reaching $21 billion. This level surpasses the performance of the industry in 2019, showing significant signs of rebound. According to the president of China Tourism Academy, Dai Bin, this is a turning point for the industry, indicating a strong pent-up demand for travel.

Rise in Outbound Travel

In addition to a rebound in domestic travel, there has been a rise in outbound travel during the May Day holiday period. Each day, 1.2 million Chinese people traveled abroad, which is twice the number from last year. This surge shows that there is a growing appetite for international travel, but it is still a far cry from pre-pandemic levels.

Domestic Travel is Expected to Remain Strong

Domestic travel is expected to remain stronger than international travel in the short term, given limited aircraft and crew availability. This aligns with China’s current policies on travel, which give priority to domestic tourism while discouraging international travel due to Covid-19 concerns.

Nonetheless, it is anticipated that the industry will experience a resurgence in growth as the worldwide situation improves, and international travel slowly rebounds.

Implications for the Tourism Industry

China’s rebound in domestic tourism has significant implications for the industry in the country and globally. The strong pent-up demand for travel bodes well for businesses related to tourism such as airlines, hotels, and attractions.

These businesses can expect increased demand and higher revenues. However, it is crucial to balance this with ongoing concerns about public health and safety.

Priorities for the Tourism Industry

As the industry moves towards a new normal, it is essential to prioritize safety, sustainability, and innovation. Sustainability is critical for the long-term growth of the industry to reduce environmental impact. Innovation is also key to driving demand and attracting new tourists. Safety is crucial in restoring consumer trust in the industry.

Hope for the Future

In conclusion, the rebound in domestic tourism in China’s May Day holiday period has brought hope to the tourism industry. The pent-up demand for travel is a strong sign that the industry can recover and contribute to economic growth.

As the industry moves towards a new normal, prioritizing safety, sustainability, and innovation is essential. If the industry can balance these priorities effectively, it can thrive in the long term and help bring back the joy of travel to people worldwide.


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