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Central Massachusetts Thrives: Economic Expansion, Unique Venues, and Nostalgic Finds

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A Pickleball Venue Takes Over Salter College’s Space

Wachusett Plaza, formerly housing Salter College, is set to undergo a transformation this year. In a noteworthy swap, the plaza will bid farewell to college degrees and welcome pickleball enthusiasts to its 30,000-square-foot indoor venue, aptly named “Rt. 12 Pickle” after the nearby West Boylston Street. Real estate broker Kelleher & Sadowsky confirmed the multi-year lease agreement, and the venue is expected to open its doors by the year’s end. Surabian Realty Co., the West Boylston-based real estate company, had acquired the plaza for $3.5 million back in 2004.

Massachusetts Economy Booms Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Massachusetts economy is experiencing an upward trajectory. This growth trend has business leaders and analysts foreseeing potential inflationary pressures on the horizon. As the demand for workers remains high, the statewide unemployment rate in June dropped to an impressive 2.6%, the lowest recorded monthly rate since at least 1976. However, labor officials caution that this figure is a preliminary estimate, and further data in August may reveal adjustments to the rate.

Reviving an Unfinished Project: 50 Single-Family Homes to be Added

A Southborough-based developer, Kendall Homes, aims to revive a failed 1980s project by introducing 50 single-family homes off Salisbury Street. The proposed plan includes purchasing more than 18 acres of land along Kingston Common Road, which forms part of the 33.6-acre property owned by Salisbury Green Condominium Trust. In the 1985 project, 13 townhouse buildings with 94 single-family units were completed, while 39 townhouses and 229 single-family attached dwelling units remained unfinished. Kendall Homes now seeks to breathe new life into this development with elements of nostalgic finds.

Telegram & Gazette Renews Lease with a Focus on News Coverage

After relocating from Franklin St. to 100 Front St. in 2012, the Telegram & Gazette has decided to renew its lease, occupying the third floor. The 20-story building, situated across Worcester Common, originally housed the newspaper on the fifth and third floors. In a move that emphasizes their commitment to news coverage, the prominent sign that adorned the building’s top for a decade will be removed. The new three-year lease solidifies the newspaper’s presence in its current location.

Vintage Rebel Curiosity Shop: A Treasure Trove in Leicester

Hayley Worthington’s Vintage Rebel Curiosity Shop, located at 19 South Main St. in Leicester, is a treasure trove for collectors and nostalgia-seekers alike. From love notes hidden in century-old shoes to VHS tapes of classic cartoons from the ’90s, the shop boasts an eclectic assortment of offbeat items. Shoppers can find plush toys, clothing, books, ornaments, and even a $1,200 guitar. Previously home to Wildfire Antiques & Gifts, the shop now welcomes visitors from Thursday to Saturday (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.) and Sunday (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.).

Conclusion: Central Massachusetts Flourishes with Diverse Offerings

Central Massachusetts continues to thrive with diverse offerings and economic prosperity. From the exciting transformation of Wachusett Plaza into a pickleball haven to the state’s resurgent economy post-COVID-19, the region shows remarkable progress. As developers rekindle old projects and the media landscape evolves, the area remains vibrant and full of hidden gems like the Vintage Rebel Curiosity Shop. With its unique blend of modern developments and nostalgic finds, Central Massachusetts promises a bright and dynamic future with this nostalgic finds.


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