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Blackstone’s Major Investment Boosts Fintech Startup Stampli

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Blackstone’s Strategic Investment in Stampli

Blackstone, the prominent American investment giant, is on the verge of finalizing a significant investment in Israeli fintech company Stampli. The investment round, led by Blackstone, is expected to exceed $50 million and marks an important milestone for Stampli, which has developed an AI-powered Accounts Payable automation solution.

Blackstone’s Growing Interest in Israeli Tech

Blackstone, managed in Israel by Yifat Oron, has been actively exploring investment opportunities in the Israeli market. While Blackstone established its presence in Israel two years ago, this investment in Stampli represents a substantial commitment in the country. Blackstone has previously invested in promising Israeli startups like Pantera, Mitiga, Wiz, and Cloudinary.

Scaling Up with Substantial Investments

With a market capitalization of around $114 billion, Blackstone focuses on acquiring or investing in technology companies with substantial financial commitments.

The understanding is that smaller investments may not yield significant profitability for a company of Blackstone’s scale. This strategy aligns with Blackstone’s goal of making substantial contributions to the growth of its portfolio companies.

Emerging Investment Trend in Israel

Blackstone’s investment in Stampli reflects an emerging trend of American funds showing increased interest in Israeli companies that demonstrate strong potential. In the coming months, it is anticipated that other American funds will follow suit, seeking to invest substantial sums in companies with a solid foundation.

Stampli’s prudent approach to valuation has positioned the company favorably to attract funds without compromising its overall value.

Stampli’s Innovative AP Automation Solution

Founded by brothers Eyal and Ofer Feldman in 2015, Stampli has developed an end-to-end Accounts Payable automation platform. This comprehensive solution streamlines accounts payable communications, documentation, and payments within a unified system.

Powered by AI, Stampli’s flagship product, Billy the Bot, leverages machine learning to simplify coding, automate approval processes, detect duplicate invoices, and minimize manual data entry.

Stampli’s Growing Presence and Expansion

With over 200 employees, Stampli operates from both Tel Aviv and California, utilizing its Tel Aviv-based development center. The company’s focus on delivering a complete AP automation platform has positioned it as a leader in the industry.

Stampli’s innovative approach, coupled with the forthcoming investment from Blackstone, will further fuel its growth and expansion into new markets.


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