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With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, BannerBoo the HTML5 Banner Maker enables both professionals and beginners to design captivating banner ads effortlessly.

The Power of BannerBoo: Simple, Fast, and Effective

Creating Animated Ads Made Easy

BannerBoo’s easy-to-use editor allows users to design and customize ads with just a few clicks. No coding skills are required, making it accessible to anyone who wants to create visually appealing banners.

Multiple Banner Formats for All Devices

The platform supports various banner formats, including HTML5, AMPHTML, MP4 video ads, GIF animations, and static PNG or JPG ads. With this flexibility, your ads will look stunning on any device.

No Coding Skills Required

Gone are the days when creating animated HTML5 banners required a team of skilled developers. BannerBoo empowers users to be creative without needing any coding expertise.

95% Faster Ad Creation

BannerBoo accelerates the ad creation process, allowing users to produce display banners in minutes – twice as fast as using other programs.

Seamless Integration with Ad Networks

Exporting your ads to different ad networks and social media platforms is a breeze with BannerBoo’s built-in integrations.

The Ideal Solution for Modern Businesses

BannerBoo caters to businesses of all sizes, providing a scalable ad creation solution that ensures professional results for everyone.

How BannerBoo Works

1. Create: Design and Customize Your Ads

Using the drag-and-drop editor, users can add images, text, and animations to their ads. Customization options are endless, enabling you to achieve a look that aligns with your brand.

2. Animate: Bring Your Ads to Life

BannerBoo’s smart animator feature automates the animation process, resulting in engaging animations that capture the viewer’s attention with ease.

3. Resize: Quick Adaptation to Different Sizes

Save time and effort by easily adapting your banner ads to fit various sizes and formats, perfect for social media, display ads, or mobile devices.

4. Collaborate: Work Together with Your Team

BannerBoo offers real-time updates and collaboration tools, facilitating seamless teamwork on ad campaigns.

5. Export: Reach Your Target Audience

Once you’re satisfied with your ad, publish it to your desired ad platform or social media network, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Why Choose BannerBoo

Impressive User Statistics

BannerBoo boasts over 200,000 banner ads created by users on its platform. Additionally, users can access 12,000 banner templates tailored to different industries and dimensions.

Scalability for Any Business Size

From small businesses to large digital agencies, BannerBoo offers a scalable solution for all ad creation needs, making it easy to manage and publish high-quality ads.

User-Friendly HTML5 Banner Maker

BannerBoo’s user-friendly banner maker simplifies the ad editing process, providing intuitive controls and a streamlined interface for quick changes and adjustments.

Smart Animator: Automated Animation Process

The smart animator feature allows users to create professional-looking animations with just one click, even if they have no prior animation experience.

Fast Resizing: Adapting to Different Sizes

Easily resize your banner ads for different platforms and devices, reducing production time and costs with BannerBoo’s fast resizing feature.

One-Click Color Change

Experiment with different color schemes effortlessly, creating a unique and visually appealing look for your banner ad with a single click.

Vast Object Libraries

BannerBoo’s extensive library of objects, icons, and images provides users with a wide array of design elements to craft captivating and eye-catching ads.

Export to All Major Formats and Networks

Easily export your ad designs to all popular formats and sizes, ensuring compatibility with various ad networks and platforms.

Free Banner Templates for Inspiration

Explore free banner templates that guarantee attention-grabbing content to inspire potential customers from the very first second.


  • Easy, Fast, and Free Ad Creation: With BannerBoo’s free professional HTML5 Banner Maker, creating stunning ads becomes a quick and hassle-free process, eliminating the need for coding skills.
  • Professional Designs by Experts: BannerBoo’s animated ad builder and banner ad templates are created by professional designers and experienced marketers, ensuring the highest quality and aesthetics.
  • High Click-Through Rates: The well-designed advertising templates in BannerBoo result in banner ads with a higher click-through rate, maximizing the potential for attracting customers.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: BannerBoo offers free ad templates and cost-effective HTML5 animation plans starting at $14.99 per month, making it suitable for businesses of all budget levels
  • Stylish and Modern Designs: Keeping up with new advertising trends, BannerBoo’s templates boast a modern and attractive look, making your ads stand out in a crowded digital landscape.


  • Limited Customization Options for Advanced Users: While BannerBoo’s user-friendly approach is perfect for beginners, more advanced users may find the platform’s customization options somewhat restricted.
  • Occasional Learning Curve for First-Time Users: Although BannerBoo is designed for ease of use, some first-time users might require a brief learning period to fully grasp its functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is BannerBoo suitable for all industries?

Yes, BannerBoo caters to businesses across all industries, providing diverse advertising templates to suit different sectors.

Can I use BannerBoo for social media campaigns?

Absolutely! BannerBoo supports various banner formats, making it perfect for social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

What file formats does BannerBoo support for exports?

BannerBoo allows users to export their ad designs in all popular formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and full HD video.

Are there any free features in BannerBoo?

Yes, BannerBoo offers free access to its professional HTML5 editor, enabling users to create stunning ads without any cost.

How does BannerBoo compare to other banner maker tools?

BannerBoo stands out with its user-friendly interface, smart animator, and fast resizing features, providing a seamless ad creation experience that sets it apart from other banner maker tools.

Final Thoughts

BannerBoo emerges as the ultimate solution for businesses seeking a quick, easy, and effective way to create captivating banner ads without coding skills. With its versatile banner formats, user-friendly editor, and impressive animation features, BannerBoo empowers users to reach their target audience effectively across various ad networks and social media platforms. Whether you're a small business or a large digital agency, BannerBoo offers scalable solutions that fit your ad creation needs and marketing goals.

Easy, Fast, and Free Ad Creation


Professional Designs by Experts


High Click-Through Rates


Cost-Effective Solutions


Stylish and Modern Designs


Limited Customization Options for Advanced Users


Occasional Learning Curve for First-Time Users


  • +Easy, Fast, and Free Ad Creation
  • +Professional Designs by Experts
  • +High Click-Through Rates
  • +Cost-Effective Solutions
  • +Stylish and Modern Designs


  • -Limited Customization Options for Advanced Users
  • -Occasional Learning Curve for First-Time Users
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