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Apple’s Game-Changing Move: Mass Production of MicroLED Displays for iPhones

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Apple’s Bold Step

Reports indicate that Apple is set to disrupt the tech industry once again by producing its own microLED screens for iPhones. This move could significantly reduce its reliance on Samsung, its long-time rival and primary OLED screen supplier.

Samsung’s Dominance

For years, Samsung has been the major supplier of OLED screen panels for Apple iPhones, dating back to the iPhone 4. In 2022, GSMArena reported that Samsung provided around 80 million screen units for the iPhone 14 series, representing approximately 80% of Apple’s screen supply. Other suppliers included LG Display and BOE from China.

The Advantages of microLED

Venturing into microLED technology, Apple aims to bring a host of advantages over current OLED screens. MicroLED displays possess the potential to transform the visual experience on Apple devices by offering enhanced brightness, lower power consumption, and improved contrast ratio.

Apple’s Investment and Global Effort

To make this endeavor a success, Apple has reportedly invested a staggering $1 billion in microLED research and development. It has also assembled teams across the United States, Taiwan, and Japan to contribute to the effort of advancing this groundbreaking technology.

Apple’s Timeline

Although the mass production of microLED displays for iPhones is not expected until 2025, Apple aims to introduce this revolutionary technology first in the Apple Watch Ultra. Once successfully implemented, the plan is to scale up production and incorporate microLED displays into future iPhone models.

Gaining Control and Ensuring Innovation

By producing its own screens, Apple seeks to gain greater control over the manufacturing process, reducing dependence on external suppliers. This strategic move aligns with Apple’s goal of driving innovation and securing its key revenue source, the iPhone.


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