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Andrea Chen with Vision of “Social Innovation” for Startups

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In the bustling world of startups, Andrea Chen stands out as a beacon of vocational passion. As the CEO of Propeller, an accelerator she co-founded over a decade ago, her commitment goes far beyond the conventional realms of fostering connections and raising capital. Instead, she propels a mission to turbocharge growth while embracing the concept of “social innovation.”

A Passionate Drive Transcending Boundaries

Andrea Chen, at the helm of Propeller for more than 12 years, exudes an unwavering zeal for her role. Having transitioned from a career in high school teaching, earning a postgraduate degree in education policy from Harvard University, Chen brings an expansive perspective to the table.

Propeller’s mission finds its succinct expression in the mantra adopted in recent years: “A force for social innovation.” But what does this encompass for the vibrant startup community of New Orleans?

Breaking Barriers and Fostering Inclusivity

A core facet of Chen’s vision involves prioritizing underserved communities that have traditionally been excluded from mainstream capital sources. These are the communities that have struggled to access private and public sector contracts—territory often monopolized by well-connected entities.

Chen points to the enlightening “The Business Case for Racial Equality” report by the Kellogg Foundation in 2018. The report underlines the immense opportunity cost borne by the entire economy due to the neglect of segments like Black entrepreneurs. A startling revelation emerges: the elimination of racial disparities could contribute to an $8 trillion expansion of the U.S. economy by 2050, encompassing spheres like health, education, incarceration, and employment.

“If Black native New Orleanians were at the center of our city’s economic development and prosperity, our city would be next level,” Chen passionately asserts.

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The Propeller Focus Unveiled

In an exclusive interview, Chen unveils the current focal points of Propeller’s endeavors. A notable initiative is the launch of a $3 million fund, Propeller Fund II, supported by a U.S. Treasury grant. The focus lies on entrepreneurs specializing in consumer packaged goods, especially food products. Chen’s team has fostered a strategic alliance with major players such as Target, facilitating direct interactions between creators and decision-makers. Moreover, collaborations with renowned entities like Whole Foods contribute to widening the industry-specific network.

Empowering Financial Health and Wellness

Propeller’s outreach extends to the Financial Health and Wellness Collaborative, a program fortified by partnerships with JP Morgan, Thrive New Orleans, Fund 17, and Go.Be. This initiative tackles a pressing concern: enabling entrepreneurs to secure the vital loans that propel their ventures forward.

Collaboration remains the cornerstone. Different organizations contribute their expertise to various elements of the capital access journey. While Propeller aids in assembling loan packages and connecting with lenders, Thrive New Orleans aids in enhancing credit scores, and Fund 17 focuses on tax compliance.

Navigating Challenges: The Black Entrepreneurial Landscape

Research underscores a sobering reality: Black entrepreneurs continue to grapple with significant disparities in accessing capital. Studies reveal that they are disproportionately denied loans, even when possessing comparable creditworthiness to their White counterparts. The venture capital landscape also showcases this gap, with Black startup entrepreneurs securing a mere 1.2% of the colossal $147 billion invested in U.S. startups in recent times.

To bridge these gaps, Propeller leverages a multifaceted approach, embracing technical assistance, policy advocacy, and strategic partnerships.

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Shining Examples of Empowerment

With over 300 entrepreneurs benefiting from Propeller’s programs, Chen finds pride in highlighting success stories. In the nonprofit realm, Calvin Mackie of Stem Nola stands tall, with an annual budget of $5 million and ambitious plans for national expansion. Among for-profit ventures, Bhoomi shines as a testament to Chen’s mission. This company crafts a unique beverage from sugar cane stalk, earning placements in major retail outlets like Texas H-E-B and Whole Foods.

The Challenges of Culinary Entrepreneurship

Chen navigates a curious paradox: while New Orleans boasts a thriving culinary culture, the food and beverage consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector remains underdeveloped. The missing piece? Technical expertise. From labeling intricacies to USDA approvals, the process is complex. Propeller fills this void with a team of specialized consultants guiding entrepreneurs through the labyrinth of CPG production.

In conclusion, Andrea Chen, the visionary CEO of Propeller, epitomizes the fusion of entrepreneurship and social innovation. With her strategic focus on underserved communities, collaboration, and holistic empowerment, Chen crafts a narrative of growth that resonates far beyond the startup realm.


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