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Zigpoll is a reliable survey and feedback platform, offering advanced targeting, seamless integration, and flexible pricing for businesses to gather valuable insights.

Zigpoll: The Ultimate Survey and Feedback Platform for Your Business

As businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of customer needs and preferences, using a reliable survey and feedback platform to gather valuable insights cannot be overemphasized. Zigpoll is one such platform that offers zero-party data collection using various methods like post-purchase surveys, email capture campaigns, interactive polls, and forms. With a no-code setup for seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms and multiple question formats, incentives, and advanced targeting, Zigpoll provides an engaging platform for collecting customer feedback.

Insights, Trends, and Chat: Zigpoll’s Expertise

Zigpoll is an expert survey and feedback platform that understands the importance of zero-party data collection. The platform has a team of experts dedicated to creating a user-friendly and efficient user interface that delivers surveys to specific customer segments based on behavior or purchase history. With the AI assistant, Zigpoll provides automatic insights, trend detection, and a chat interface for deeper analysis, making it a reliable platform for businesses seeking to understand their customers better.

Trust and Transparency

Zigpoll upholds transparency and trustworthiness in all its services. The platform offers a flexible pricing model that enables businesses to choose from multiple pricing options based on their business needs. More so, the platform values customers’ privacy and ensures optimal security of their data.

Experience the Power of Zigpoll

With Zigpoll, businesses get to experience an all-encompassing survey and feedback platform that enables them to understand their customers’ satisfaction levels, refine their products, and improve their services. The platform offers an intuitive dashboard that analyzes survey responses and visualizes data in a user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to grasp the gathered information.


Zigpoll offers several benefits to businesses looking to gather customer feedback, which includes:

  • Increased Engagement: Zigpoll offers incentives to customers for completing surveys, which boosts response rates
  • Seamless integration: The no-code setup ensures seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms without coding
  • Advanced Targeting: Zigpoll’s advanced targeting delivers surveys to specific customer segments based on behavior or purchase history, ensuring businesses gather accurate and relevant data
  • Flexible Pricing: The platform offers multiple pricing options based on business needs, ensuring businesses choose a pricing plan that suits their budget


While Zigpoll offers several benefits, some of its drawbacks include:

  • Limited Features: Zigpoll’s lack of advanced features like customization may limit some businesses’ ability to completely tailor their surveys to their needs
  • Limited Integrations: The platform’s integration with a limited number of e-commerce platforms may pose a challenge for businesses using other platforms

Final Thoughts

Zigpoll is a survey and feedback platform that caters to businesses in various industries that require feedback for market research or decision-making. Its expertise, trustworthiness, and seamless user experience make it a reliable platform for businesses seeking to collect valuable insights from their customers. With the numerous benefits it offers, including increased engagement, advanced targeting, and flexible pricing, Zigpoll is a must-try for any business seeking to understand and improve its customers' experience.

Increased Engagement


Seamless integration


Advanced Targeting


Flexible Pricing


Limited Features


Limited Integrations


  • +Increased Engagement
  • +Seamless integration
  • +Advanced Targeting
  • +Flexible Pricing


  • -Limited Features
  • -Limited Integrations
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