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WINT Raises $35M to Revolutionize Leak Detection with AI-Powered Water Management Solutions

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Funding Success for WINT

Israeli startup WINT has secured an impressive $35 million in a Series C funding round for its groundbreaking AI-driven water management and leak-prevention solutions. The company’s innovative technology is poised to transform the way leaks are detected and stopped across various sectors.

Collaborative Investment Leadership

Leading the investment charge are two influential players: Inven Capital, a renowned European climate tech fund known for its investment in Woltair, and Insight Partners, a global software investor that also led WINT’s Series B funding round. The investment group also includes Taronga Ventures, a prominent real asset technology investor, alongside other forward-looking prop-tech and construction-tech investors.

Addressing Global Challenges Head-On

The substantial investment underscores the critical need for WINT’s solutions on a global scale. In an era where contractors, property owners, tenants, and insurers are seeking effective strategies to minimize water leak damages and costs, WINT’s technology comes as a game-changer. Moreover, this investment mirrors the growing impact of water stress on a worldwide scale and the pressing demand for water management solutions that curb waste and associated carbon emissions.

Investor Appreciation for WINT’s Vision

Inven Capital’s Investment Director, Michal Mravec, lauds WINT’s visionary approach of amalgamating sustainability and risk mitigation into water management. The company’s rapid ascension in the burgeoning field resonated with investors due to its exponential growth, focus on customer value, and cutting-edge technology. This unique combination positions WINT as a market leader in a rapidly evolving landscape.

CEO’s Optimism for the Future

Alon Geva, CEO of WINT, expresses his enthusiasm for the funding round, citing the dire challenges posed by water scarcity and climate change. He highlights the detrimental costs of water leak damage in buildings, underscoring the need for innovative solutions. Geva looks forward to partnering with Inven Capital, as well as other industry-leading real estate and climate tech investors, to address these global challenges effectively.

AI-Powered Innovation in Leak Detection

Founded in 2011 by Alon Geva and Moshe Ravid in Israel, WINT has crafted a cutting-edge water management solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence. This solution integrates AI-driven software with interconnected hardware to provide real-time leak detection. By analyzing and learning from normal water flow patterns, the system can proactively identify anomalies and shut down malfunctioning parts, preventing potential damage.


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