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Viable is an AI-powered platform that offers fast and accurate analysis of qualitative data through sophisticated AI and GPT-4 technology, providing organizations with data-backed insights for faster decision-making.

Accelerate Your Qualitative Data Analysis

Viable is an AI-powered platform designed to help teams analyze qualitative data quickly and accurately. Billed as a “one-stop shop” for feedback analysis, Viable helps teams save time and money by allowing them to use sophisticated AI and GPT-4 technology to automate their analysis process without compromising accuracy or quality. With its data-backed insights, it provides organizations with the ability to make faster, more informed decisions.

How It Works?

At the heart of Viable is its ability to analyze qualitative data in a way that no manual efforts could match. It goes beyond mere sentiment analysis and keyword extraction with weekly reports that provide users with detailed insights into the most important compliments, complaints, questions, and requests customers have raised. Each theme includes an urgency score and product sub-themes as well as user profiles and trends over time so that organizations can easily identify what matters most for their customer base.


In addition to its qualitative data analysis capabilities, Viable also offers a range of features designed to give teams confidence in their data security. Its metadata tools allow users to dig deeper into who, what, where, and why in relation to customer feedback while its secure cloud platform ensures that all data remains safe from third parties or malicious hackers.


The benefits of leveraging Viable are clear:

  • Teams are able to save hundreds of hours analyzing customer feedback while gaining actionable insights based on accurate data points which can help inform their decisions faster than ever before. Plus, with no need for spreadsheets or manual processes, teams can focus on crafting strategies rather than wading through hundreds of lines of text.


On the other hand there are some drawbacks worth considering before making a decision about whether or not Viable is right for your organization’s needs.

  • First off, while it offers excellent analysis capabilities it does not offer any advice on how best to use the resulting insights; meaning you will still need an experienced team member who understands both your context and customer’s needs in order to ensure your decisions are soundly based upon accurate interpretations of the analysis results.
  • Secondly it is not currently available on all platforms – though they do plan on making it widely accessible soon – so you may need to switch from one platform you’re already familiar with in order for your team members to utilize Viable’s full suite of features.

Final Thoughts

Overall we believe that investing in Viable’s AI-driven approach to analyzing qualitative data is a great choice for any organization looking for automated ways to gain actionable insights from customer feedback quickly and reliably. By harnessing its powerful analytics capabilities you will be able to reduce manual labor costs and get up-to-date information about what customers think almost instantly—allowing you make more informed decisions than ever before. So if you want your team members spending less time analysing qualitative data then look no further than Viable – the perfect tool for analysing qualitative data fast!

Saves a lot of time


Excellent analysis capabilities


It does not offer any advice on how best to use the resulting insights


Not all platforms are available




  • +Saves a lot of time
  • +Excellent analysis capabilities


  • -It does not offer any advice on how best to use the resulting insights
  • -Not all platforms are available
  • -Expensive
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