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UK Startup Lumai Receives Government Funding for Optical AI

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Lumai: From Oxford University Spin-off to Promising Startup

Lumai, a dynamic startup formerly known as OxONN Ltd., secures a significant £1.1 million grant from the UK government to propel its groundbreaking work on all-optical neural networks.

Building and Launching Optical Neural Networks

With the support of the grant, Lumai will collaborate closely with the esteemed University of Oxford to develop and deploy cutting-edge optical neural networks that promise remarkable advancements in high-performance computing and machine vision.

Origins and Founders of Lumai

Emerging as a spin-off from Professor Alex Lvovsky’s pioneering experimental optics research group, Lumai was founded by the visionary minds of Xianxin Guo, Tom Barrett, and James Spall, with the experienced business executive Tim Weil leading the company as its CEO.

Leveraging Free-Space Optics for Optical AI

Harnessing the power of free-space optics, Lumai’s revolutionary technology employs laser beams transmitted through addressable displays to perform essential operations, enabling unparalleled energy efficiency, minimal latency, and scalable computations.

Advantages of Optical Neural Networks

Optical neural networks present a paradigm shift, offering significant advantages over conventional electronic systems. Lumai’s pioneering work in this field unlocks immense speed and sustainability benefits, making it the perfect choice for training complex generative AI models with billions of parameters.

Optical Training and Self-Learning Systems

At the forefront of innovation, Lumai pushes the boundaries by introducing optical training methodologies using laser beams. Additionally, the company explores predominantly-optical self-learning systems, eliminating the need for a priori digital modeling and cementing its position as a trailblazer in the development of all-optical neural networks.


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